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  1. quick post since its late but the fish are cleaned 184 fow was smoking hot tonight water temp from pierhead was 45 to 46degrees but when i hit 184 fow found 48.9 on the surface. anything with a spindoctor and pickled sunshine fly was the bomb especially the dark red spin doctor it went 7 times on 250ft copper. n or southeast troll worked equally well sog 2.2 to 2.5 . I caught 10 kings off the Gh pier this week and these fish were as fresh as a new born baby!lol very fresh and fiesty kings were 10 to 14lbs i was south of port sheldon and just north of those highrise condos i setup at 4pm and had fish on til i left. What didnt work big 11 inch paddle and spoons and jplugs. Divers with magnum dipsey on 3 from 120 back to 145 was hot and the 250ft of copper. I watched all the combat fishing from the pier this week and im telling u that the fishing out deep is specatular and fish are fresh and put up awesome fights, if i can do it in an 18ft boat anyone can. Good luck and be safe PS not another boat within 500yards of me and u can take this report to the bank.lol:grin:
  2. Couldnt sleep so i hooked up the boat at 5:30am and started fishing by 6:30am I ended up 7 for 9 letting go a laker and an 8lb coho(the people i give them away to dont like those anyway they also want the skin off and bagged in with only 2 fillets per bag and ice on them if they werent customers i wont tell them a piece of my mind:D) Details.......the water was 54 degrees at pig lake this morning but the big lake surface temps were 61 63 and i found all my fish in the 66degree water temp at the surface. with 2 thermoclines one at 25down alot of guys were catching fish off the riggers at this depth and another at 55down with it being 48-52degrees at this.....im guessing the lake is in the process of completely turning over? everything on south or north troll in 80ft of water ( im heading out of muskegon tonite to drive my brother's boat all evening so i can reveal the depth) sorry little brother:eek: Was running 2 dipsies and 1 rigger The rigger went 2 times with the clear paddle with uv tape from fish on tackle(super hot flasher during the day) with mirage fly with long threads the rest on dipsies at 135 to 145 back with magnum divers w 9ft leads Red spinnie with green fly with wide threads like on howie flys(i laughed when fish on tackle told us abt the red spinnie 2 wks ago) Green spinnie called the fat nancy which is green and yellow with black dots with picked sunshine fly We've landed 57 kings in the last 10 days and these have been the hot set-ups. 3 kings were 7lb 10lbers 2 kings 15-18lbs 1 laker 10lbs 1 coho maybe 10lbs All the fish had the fly buried deep down there throats except the laker I didnt mark many fish below the 1st thermocline at 25ft but they were obviously there. did u ever net a fish in a 17ft boat with a 9ft lead on a dipsey by yourself......just plain good enterainment for anyone watching but the kings like them I loved fishing with all the retired guys this morning u guys are very kind and open....... alot different than the weekend crowd:thumb: Hope this helps bc at almost 4 bucks a gallon u need to start as close to shore as possible if there not there in the evening they will be there at dark The kings in muskegon last week were bigger but alot darker then the ones caught this morning so i think we still have some time before they run the rivers down here. 2.2-2.4 at the ball but the sog was 2.7-3.8 depending on direction
  3. Awesome fishing out of port sheldon last night i was 5 for 10. had 2 doubles which i tried taking turns reeling in cooper and then switching to the rigger but these fish were 12lb to 17lb kings and landing them on the back of the boat by yourself with 1-2ft rollers was difficult to say the least. Best fishing in 15trips this year. important part....3.1 at the ball on a north troll took most of the fish but northwest also worked 53 fow was the hot water but got small kings and steelhead closer to 60fow Was running 2 250ft cooper and 1 rigger rigger went 4 times parked on 45down with 8lb ball with a white crushed clow coyote 11" paddle with a big weenie frosted willie fly(fly is white with light light purple with yellow beads and has material like a horse's tail long and thin material) leader at 42" because of the slow rollers last night but shorten to 32" with choppy waters this set-up worked from 7pm when i set-up to 8:30pm and then went dead. fish on tackle turned me on to this set-up jager bomb spoons fuzzy bear regular sz not magnum worked on the copper until a stealhead tangled in my kicker motor while trying to land it .:mad:then it was moonshine double trouble 3 times on copper( this has been a hot spoon the last 10 days from 9pm on DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! THE GRAPH WAS FULL OF BIG MARKS AND BAIT FISH ALL just NORTH OF THE STACKS TO RADIO TOWER WAS BY MYSELF IN THAT DEPTH GOOD LUCK i wouldnt tell u the where if i could fish tonight:no: noticed that when the thermocline was down just 30ft thats were caught all the fish but when the thermocline was down to 50ft didnt catch anything. water temp at the ball was 50-55degrees preferred big king bites favorite temp. (alot of details but put in there for all the newbies....sorry)
  4. set-up around 7pm out of port sheldon trolled west to 120fow nothing turned back in on a ne troll and hit 90fow and the green splatterback j-plug went on 250ft of copper. nice steelhead that put on a great show and then kissed us goodbye with one last flip . then the rigger went 2 minutes later 70 down white paddle mirage fly 9lb laker landed 3 minutes later left rigger went 80 down on mtn dew paddle with big weenie yellow fly 10lb king. nothing til 9pm we switched to moonshine spoons on riggers went 3 times from 9-930 beefeater(white/green w black spots) 70 down 10ft off the ball. the big king we thought was a 20lb king but after putting in MY magic cooler it only weighed 17lbs at the launch .lol landed 1 of 4 on that set-up(2 BIG KINGS THAT GOT CUT OFF IN THE COOPER LINES). Left rigger with crabface moonshine went the other 2 times landed 1(THIS RIGGER STARTED AT 70 DOWN BUT WE RAISED it as it GOT DARKER AND it start firing AT 45DOWN. 3-3.1 SOG everything on n or ne troll. We ended up very north of the stacks. The kings had empty stomachs after my autopsy so the fishing should be awesome this week? Most of the marks for us have moved North along with a ton of bait fish, maybe they smell that river water in GH. waves less than a foot on way in. two other boats at the launch had 2 fish each in 120fow 110 down on the riggers. all our fish came in 89-94fow tonight and friday night all on n or nw troll in 74fow all small kings 4 to 8lbs. thanks to fish on tackle for respooling my cooper reels with that soft cooper w 15 others guys in the store.lol
  5. anyone know of a needy family near allendale that is need of salmon fillets please email me.
  6. trolled out at 6pm last nite with my uncle jake and my niece lindsey. We had 3 fish in the 1st 20minutes. The fishing last night was awesome every troll direction 3.1 to 3.2 sog. All the fish caught in 75 to 99fow. My niece landed her 1st king last night (12lbs) thanks for all the great reponses on the radio last night she couldnt stop smiling but had to tell the other fisherman on the radio. The guy the suggested i should mount it, im her uncle not her dad:grin: white paddle with (silver backing) mirage fly with white beads went 6 times set only 15ft off the ball set 68ft down on the riggers. Moonshine beefeater 2 times on 250ft copper double orange crush on 250ft cooper 1 time biggest king of night 16lbs wonderbread spinnie with pickled sunshine 160back went 2 white paddle in uv crushed glass went 5 times with yellow big weenie fly set 72 down. We had 3 doubles it seemed when one rigger went the other one went shortly afterwards. Hint: when u lose a big net the previous week dont bring along a bass net salmon fishing. ON THE perch. ran into a guy that had his limits in front of spyglass in 40fow in 1 hour mostly jumbos to 14" Wouldnt have believed his story but tim from goldcoast outfitters had his limit in 40minutes yesterday on minnows. Fishing was so easy last night a caveman could do it.hehehehe Talk to one other guy at the launch(It was raining buckets when we got in) had 10 kings in the same water. Good luck and be kind and let the drags scream.
  7. took my uncle jake out from texas tonight. set-up in 90fow waves w sw so i trolled north. went out to 120fow started back in right at dark right rigger went in 80fow white paddle with crushed glow tape with yellow duckologist big weenie fly 70down while my uncle was fighting his 1st lake michigan king the left rigger went w 3 black dot moonshine spoon 52down, i let him reel in the 1st king and then headed him the 2nd rod. last fish on 250ft cooper on double trouble moonshine spoon. east troll these fish were all dark like like their spending too much time in warm water. forgot my cell so flew home to allendale called my buddy. they went 9 for 15 from my wednesday report.lol 90fow to 65fow last fish south & north troll......their hot set-up was a wonder bread spinny and mirage fly 165 back 9ft leader it went 7 times!not 150 or 180 but 165. ten minutes later i get a call from the boat owner....flat tire on port sheldon before the highway. So i ripped my spair off my boat and drove out there, jacked it up and all i heard was how come u didn't listen to your own report?lol I took all 3 of these boys from the Grand haven piers fishing on my boat for their 1st time last summer(pier rats) they spend all night throwing cast nets getting live alewives and catching salmon off the piers when the water flips. now they have a boat and their putting me to shame. tip: green flounder works better on a half moon to full moon, blue flounder is working best during the darkest moon or new moon. There is a ton of baitfish south of the stacks almost to holland but if i tell u exactly where they will hang me.....Good luck out there! Yes im the guy that never says "call me on my cell and ill tell u where im catching them"lol:no:
  8. ive landed 93 kings this spring and summer mostly by myself and built a new house this summer surrounded by a muskegon cop and 3 gr police officers. Im no law breaker.lol Their is a difference between landing fish and keeping fish. We all know that alot of times during primetime u have several fish on at once or while reeling in for the night something comes dragging in on the copper.
  9. set-up solo at about 8pm 80ft of water trolled south. both riggers went in 1st 20minutes. I netted king #1 and while trying to net the other fish with the fish still in the net....well i couldnt net the other fish while the net contained the 1st 12 lb king in it. So i did the smart thing and hung on to the paddle and and reeled the other fish in while the net slowly faded into the distance.lol both fished were landed but the net was donated to lk michigan. finished 6 for 9 with long fights trying to tire the fish while just lifting and swinging them into the boat holding the line(40lb gamma flurocarbon) Heres what worked. 1.white paddle 42" leader with pickled sunshine went 2x set 55 down 2. moonshine on slider twice small spoon with 3 black dots set 52 down 3. batman color dipsey with fat nancy spin doctor (call me if u can find me one for sale 8" 140 & 160 back 2x Big weenie yellow glow fly 4. moonshine flounder pounder blue went 3x at dark 42 down on rigger Speed over ground (SOG) is 3.1 to 3.2 all week and no idea what it is at the ball because i donated my probe last fall to the bottom of lk michigan also south, west, and north all worked. we've boated over 20 fish in the 5 days in the 70-80ft range just at dark. Thanks jim bobber for that 80ft report on sunday( i didnt believe u)lol Most other boats were deep. thanks hop a aboard for helping lift the cooler out of my boat last night! FYI 4 of those fish were big kohos and not kings
  10. I'm all for the sharing Jesus part. The reason I don't post everything like I used is because we have gotten bigger into tournament fishing. To do well in tournaments the No 1 thing everybody will tell you is you need a good network. We have been working hard on this and have some very good teams that are sharing info with us and some of them take it very serious and are Pro boats and they don't want to see that info showing up on line for their competitors to see. So just don't tell others that any thing good came from me. Last year DW came out with a new proto type spoon, I got one from a freind in my network. My son mentioned it in a post and the next day I got called out on it, because if his source saw that they would cut me off for sure. I will help any one I can but I have to be careful with info that gets shared with me. I'm sure you can understand. Anyway, lets go fishing together sometime. you sound like someone I like to meet. Kevin 616-885-7485

  11. thanks kevin. I own noah's ark lawncare out of allendale....let me know if u want to sell any of those homemade flys. I have a white chevy 2500 4x4 with a 17.5 fishnski. But be warned i share fishing info like i share Jesus......I cant keep it in. tim 616-260-1375

  12. just wondering what your running behind the white paddle, leader length, & color fly. I went of PS last night and went 4 for 5 with the dipsey going 4 times nothing on rigger once on 250ft copper w carmel dolpin. Hot dipsey is the frog racer (yellow green with black dots with a green/white big weenie fly with yellow beads. i see u out of ps alot thanks in advance.
  13. Went out from 6-9pm went 5 for 6 with my niece. Biggest being 12lbs 100-115fow all fish came on south or north troll. 3 on moonshine spoons blue flounder, red flounder and 2 on double trouble. riggers 60-70 down. 1 miss on green dolphin. 1 on dipsey set 186 back frog racer spin doctor with a duck (yellow with silver threads yellow beads) something by big weenie flys. we only ran 4 rods. If u mark them and had the right program they slammed the lures, usually having to remove all three trebles.lol we marked very few fish but when we did we usually had one on. ran south almost to spyglass. troll speed 2.9-3.2 over ground. Went 10 for 12 sat evening in the same area with my little brother mostly on moonshine spoons way before it got dark .(sorry little brother but sharing is caring....your older brother.lol) Water was 46.9 where we fished.
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