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  1. My fault. Started a new med and it dried me out the night before. In the pic you can see by the pruning of my palm that it set in. They say you need to hydrate the night before, and by the time the symptoms set in you are kinda stuck for a while. The wind and the sun it can dry a guy up pretty quick.
  2. Went straight to 120 FOW then made our way to 150 a got a ten pound king on a orange and pink with dingle berries (YEK SPOON) see pic. On the rigger set to 95' Not too long after landed a decent laker. Same spoon same rig. Next a throw back Laker same spoon same rig. Finally a pig Laker on a Pickle Sniffer on the other rigger. 95' feet down. Speed varied and was having trouble keeping it under 3 with the waves that weren't supposed to be there. Would have stayed longer but (damdist thing) I didn't have it in me. Around 10:30 I called it and said for the crew to get me to shore. Dizzy, blurred vision, muscle weakness and confusion added up to... dehydration. Never had it before and hope to not have it again. "DONT STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS" Sent from my XT1635-01 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Got me thinking enough to try it at least. Think I'll run singles on one rigger and trebles on the other to see what I can learn. Thanks (very much) for sharing the info.
  4. Great job. Sounds like a lot of action and a lot of fun.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I'll get right on that one. There are some nice out there this year and I don't want to screw up any chances I might get.
  6. Started out early 6:00 ,and went North to 120 FOW but never got a hit 'til 8:00 in around 150' Couple of mystery hits on the sliders, but at least got the feel of them before they slipped off. Finally got a nice (10lb) steelhead (on the slider) another one (little smaller) on the wire diver, and a throw back laker on the rigger (95 feet down) My first time trying sliders and I was impressed by the action. I here you can count on losing them from time to time and even thought I was right there to start reeling fast they still managed to get free. Most hits were on the sliders but one on the wire and one on copper that were HEAVY. My drags must be sticking. One liked to nearly break the rod but yanked himself loose. The other pulled like hell until copper gave loose at the backing (knot?) I set one rigger up with greens, and one with yellows. Flies/paddles on the divers One blue on blue, and one green on green. The big boy on the copper took a green dolphin. Lead core came up empty that day. 150-160 FOW and speed was bouncing around with the currents, but average of 2.5
  7. Have you tried these yet? didn't get rid of them completely but made them bearable.
  8. Around 7:00 a little later than I wanted. Someone on the radio said they were 2 for 2 and I was just setting lines.
  9. Set lines at 110' and just finished a 7 rod set and the wire diver went off. A nice one was on for a bit but came unbuttoned. Two more swings and misses before we called it around 11:00 All fish hit flies and paddles. White on white White with pickled Ken Blue on blue Slow speed and riggers down around 115' Going to back up and take another run at em Sunday Sent from my XT1635-01 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Went a little north of the piers and set in at 120'. Worked out to 150' and finally connected with a 10lb king after losing 2 other fish. Went back and forth over the same water and picked off another king and a steelhead ( both around 8lbs) Lost one other fish just before wrapping it up around 11:00 Downriggers with white fly / white paddle and purple on purple saw all the action. 110 to 115 feet down with a sloooow crawl. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Got a late start and didn't set lines until 7:30. I intended to run NW to 120' but wanted to get there quick so I went due West and that put me farther south. No action until I got back to my Northern waters at 130' then started marking fish, but no takers, until I switched to paddles and flies, then three fish in about an hour. One Laker on a purple on purple, one Laker and an eight pound steelhead on a white paddle with pickled Ken. All fish on riggers 110' down. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. Sorry for the late report, but having password issues. Went NW to 120 fow and set two riggers @ 90' Then held NW out to 150-160 Fish marks were spotty but did pick up a nice king (20lb) on a blue flounder pounder around 130' turned around and ran thru the same water in the opposite direction and got a nice sized laker (if you like that sort of thing) on the same rig. half hour or so later picked up a decent steel head on the copper and a spoon that I can only describe as a green dolphin little cleo. Still trying to find another one. I was having a time keeping speed steady for some reason the subtroll was flopping all over when the waves got behind me but tried to stay between 2.5 and 3 Thinking of heading to Holland this week end.
  13. Fished 5:00 to 9:30 and went 1 for 5 (about a ten pound steelie) Moonshine sand bur and mandarin minnow took the most hits but something made a rip on a blue paddle on blue fly right at dusk as well direction didn't seem to matter but most marks (and action) came around 115 FOW and 2.25 to 2.75 for speed. Encouraging to see more marks than what I been seeing and may make the Holland trip again come the week end
  14. Saw a report on the news a week or so ago about a paint they are selling in Europe that reflects like mad. they were spraying the antlers on reindeer to keep them from being hit. It cant be seen in normal day light but when it gets hit by light at night it glows very bright. They said it should be available in the US within the year. Looking forward to it. It should work great for boards.
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