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  1. I have had my best luck at night during the near full to full moon. Running Moonshines and glow spin doctors/glow fly. This year I have some of Church Tackle's Revelators. They have a built in LED,haven't had a chance to use them after dark much yet. But they should do the trick.
  2. A friend has one just like it. Nice rig ! He also has the light set up similar to yours.
  3. Probably have Don. Closest port to home. Plus I do a fair amount of late season trophy walleye hunting there. Customer took a 13# eye last year in late November. My avatar is Muskegon Lake eyes.
  4. Good catch Jay. I will be over your way on Friday and Saturday.
  5. Good fishing Andy. I was up by the point last wed. and went 5 for 6 but the water was real cold.
  6. My Rig.... 2001 Yarcraft Storm 19' 225 Optimax, 9.9 merc 4 stroke kicker. I can run 54 mph on the gps with a full crew of 4.
  7. Way to go after em ! Good job Don !
  8. Gotta love Ludville !! Good Job ! If the weather cooperates I will be there next Fri thru Sun.
  9. Got a late start this morning, not setting lines till 8:30. Started in 145 fow north of the port. Ended up 6 for 6 on Kings, nothing big. Riggers down 35' Lemon Ice/white back and Kevorkian Rigger down 38' Moonshine Double Trouble slider w/ rigger down 60' Firefly Dipsey 125' back Glow Frog Full core Lemon Ice/white back all took fish. A little bumpy at first then the lake layed right down. Nice day on the water.
  10. I started salmon fishing on the Muskegon river in 1972. Been hooked ever since.
  11. Good luck Adam ! Just stay on your side of the state.
  12. Ken, The place I fished we only snagged up once and lost one jig. Next time you go let me know, and I will tell you where I was. That spot works great for taking customers, that way I am not tying jigs all day.
  13. Hey Ken, Wish I would have known you were there Monday. I ended up 2 for 5. And you are right the conditions were less than ideal !
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