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  1. yep that will do it to, the cable at that point gets worked back and forth quite a bit, I've lost rigger ball that way because of that, mine cable gets cut back a foot or so once or twice a season because of it..
  2. Here's the best advise I can give when it comes to trying to save your probe. First and for most, put it on its own rigger, and don't fish with that rigger, I have mine on a older walker that I had in the basement, doing that will allow you raise and lower the probe to check temp and speed as your fishing at different levels in the water column, look at the cost of a probe or 2 and one of the cheaper riggers make pretty good since. Big Jon makes a good rigger but if it doesn't have the stop when it breaks the surface, put it on it or stay away from it, you roll those big snaps up onto the front wheel than can open them. Second, you need to hook the probe itself to the main rigger cable, then a dropper of some sort, be it a Scotty snubbed another pc of rigger cable doesn't matter, the big thing here is the snap swivel used to attach the ball to the probe, they need to be cheap and rated for less than the poundage of your main line downrigger cable, if your ball gets hung up on the bottom or in a net you want that snap to fail !!! first.. So all and all nothing is fail safe, keep it off the bottom and stay AWAY from any nets.. any questions at all about this you can as here or PM me....
  3. Good luck russell, u can buy similar dodgers your looking for made buy Yeck Gold star, and also wolverine tackles flodger. Hope ya find the ones.your looking for, there where a very good dodger
  4. Looking for a little input on the fishing out of these 2 ports this time of year, what's available ? will more than likely be in that area by the end of this week, what should I be looking at for fish to target ?
  5. Most of the time we will run the snubbed, but also after losing 2 probes, our X4 probes run on there own rigger, and that's all that that rigger will carry, since doing that we haven't lost one..
  6. There are a few fish in the detour area Dave, the reports I'm getting are Lakers and Steelhead, I'm sure there are Atlantic's around also its just a matter of finding them, things are just starting to pick up, we still had ice coming down the river 3 weeks ago, find the warmer water and you'll find fish most days. This time of year all the fish are in the top 30 to 40 FOW, boards and lead core, riggers with free sliders. This is the time of year we run all the rods I can. Weather permitting we will be fishing there Fri-Sat this week. Halcyon is the boat name we ride channel 68. Also Think Bankers hours for fishing this time of year.. John
  7. Where you at, most time they will run a little sting op to catch them, and for the most part if caught they will lose most everything involved... I have NO tolerance for the so called captains that do that crap
  8. Water temps the key this time of year, and it only takes a 1 or 2 Deg. difference to hold fish
  9. We hope to be on the water by next weekend, Don't know if the docks are in yet, I'll try to find that out Monday..
  10. We run the 19 strand Torpedo wire. Hard our taolas rewraped by Eyefull custom rods, no twilli tip, no problem, the eyes show no wear at all, the 19 strand suff does have a learning curve on getting it on the reel tho, follow the manufacture recomendations on spooling it up
  11. Fished behind the Island last night, our first fish came about 6pm, 5lb Atlantic, Came on one of Big Weeines small Meat heads behind one of their "Greese Traps" . We pulled lines at 10pm, ending the trip. We boated 3 Kings 11 to 15 pounds, 1. Atlantic, 1 pink (went back into the water) and lost another 3 I do beleave. the riggers carried meat all night they accounted for 3 of the fish, and we lost one on them, the pink came off a 4 color (No telling how long we dragged him) with a Warrior flutter spoon in Steelhead candy, the Wire diver bite fired up just before dark accounting for one of the kings and a couple loses One of Mikes "Green" Eyeflies" Landed the King .. Got to Meet DooFighter last night also, Nice meeting you Gary and hope you can make it back to this end of the world again... Should have another report or 2 for you folks sometime tomorrow...
  12. No bait, haven't seen a need for it in Lake Huron
  13. Think cold water, thats what the lakers like up here. and for the most part this time of year it's going to be pretty tight to the bottom. Before you start bouncing your cannon ball off the bottom you need to have a real good Idea just what the bottom is made of, Mud flats are good --- Rock bottoms are BAD, (Better have a few extra cannon balls on board) Our best set ups of Northern Lake Huron Lakers are as follows. Trash Can Dodgers/Flodgers in front of a two tone glow spin-n-glow like jim has pictured without the skirt and with the Mylar wings and the Glow spin-n-glow with red dots. we tie our own riggs. the spin-n-glows are tied so they run 20-24 inches behind the dodger.These rigs are tied with 25-30 pound line We also run "Peanuts" Same color as the spinnies, these are tied with 50# line and only run 12 to16 inches behind the dodger(Running the peanuts on that heavy of line that close to the dodger give them a way better action) that you don't need running the spinnies. One of the biggest problem I see with die hard salmon fisherman consistantly NOT catching Lakers is "They DON'T watch the rod tips. 99% of the lakers we catch up here in the summer will NOT pull the line out of the release !!! It will look more like a very weak perch bite on the loaded rod, and if you don't catch that, and snap the rod free and reel like a mad man to take up the slack, he might be gone, if the hook stays in it's mouth after that for the most part you get what I call a "Heavy" rod the loaded rod just doesn't look right, thats caused by the fish swimming along with the boat but not quite as fast....... Hope this helps, if you have anymore question please ask, we do catch a TON of lakers up up here in the summer, and we are getting quite good at it "Most" days .... John
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