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  1. Good luck! Let us know how you do. I am getting anxious to get on the water too!

  2. friday or saturday,May3 or 4 i hope to try a trip over to Holland to start my season!

  3. Sure is! Just need mother nature to cooperate now :-)

  4. fisin time is upon us!

  5. Can anyone tell me if there are advantages to having a tree vs the pedestal holder? We want to run planer boards, dipsey divers but dont have much room. Thanks
  6. Also there is a new bait shop in Pentwater called the Pentwater Angler. They have it too for $7 / bag I think there are 10 Herring in a bag. Not sure where you are located but he's got a lot of good deals.
  7. Hi, I recently purchased a tracker boat with a 90 hp motor and I would like to salmon fish with it. Any advice on how to slow it down? I was told to get a trolling plate, however the one at Cabela's didnt have good reviews at all. I did find one called the Happy Troller, that did'nt look too bad. Any thoughts?
  8. Mike, sounds like we should go with the tracks. Some good points have been made and I am convinced that is the way to go. That is a good idea about setting the riggers far enough forward. I was wondering how well that was going to work out. Did you run downriggers on your boat? If so, how did you set them up and did it work well for you? Fortunately the boat came with a cover. Thanks, Alexa
  9. Thanks for all of the input. We are definitely getting at least one electric downrigger, and are considering some clamp on rod holders. Any thoughts on those vs. the ones that are drilled? Here are some pics of the boat. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/3/4/8/picture_of_pro_guide_v_17_sc_003.jpg' alt='picture_of_pro_guide_v_17_sc_003.jpg'>
  10. Hello, my husband and I recently purchased a 17V Tracker boat. We have hopes of taking it out on Lake Michigan this summer and doing some fishing, as long as the water isnt too choppy. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to rig the boat for fishing. We have looked at different downriggers, manual or electric? Sectional boom? I am a little overwhelmed as to what to buy. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alexa
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