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  1. Were you fishing out of muskegon? I think it was maybe you that i towed in part way, and then the coast guard finally came out and took over?
  2. Thanks for your reports this summer Ed and good luck in the future.
  3. Thanks for the info- If they run up their river in the summer, but do not spawn until jan-feb, do they stay in the river all fall until jan-feb? I read in the dnr site that they are named after the Skamania hatchery in Indiana and they clip either the adipose or a pectorial fin for marking age. The ones I caught were missing nothing?
  4. Last night I caught what I'm pretty sure was the second 10# plus skamania out of Muskegon in the past week. These females both had remnants of tiny underdeveloped eggs with just a few fully developed eggs left attached to the skane. That indicate a summer run fish. The fillet is also much whiter than the standard steelhead. Has anyone else caught any of these? They both had longer body and a bit different shaped head than a standard steelhead. Both surprised me when I got them in the net thinking they were good kings, since they fought with the drive of a king all the way in. I'm not sure where they came from. Unless they are natural reproduction coming back out of Muskegon or the Grand river. I checked the dnr site and it shows they only get planted in a couple of the big rivers at the south of the state anymore. The St Joe and the Kalamazoo I believe? Anyone with info on these? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know if there is a swapmeet again this year at that church in Jenison? Any info or contact number? Thanks
  6. Awesome Tung, when you taking him again, he looks like an addict!!
  7. I'm trying to determine which rods are better for use with dipsey divers. The Shakespeare 10' ugly stick, or the Diawa 10' heartland. If anyone has experience with the difference in these rods, I would love to hear it. Thanks Ray
  8. Same reasons as Line dancin, especially the brining part. Whether its to smoke, grill, fry or bake, the brine penatrates much quicker and more even with the skin off.
  9. Hello all This warm up has me thinking about salmon fishing. I just started big lake fishing toward the end of last summer. I learned a fair bit for warm water fishing from being on the water and from the many generous suggestions I picked up from you guys. I've heard the cold water in spring is a dealing with a totally different animal.I fish mainly out of Muskegon. My questions would be. 1)How deep do you need to troll? 2)What temperature are you looking for? 3)What do you run, riggers,dipseys or boards? 4)What lures, spoons, flies, plugs, crankbaits ect.? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I'm trying to get some feedback on the use of the big john otter boats, likes or dislikes. Are there other big planers that are better? Are the small church and offshore side planers just as good? I like the idea of not having to fight the board back to the boat by using the planer mast and big boats, but is it worth the investment? With no experience using them, to know the advantages and disadvantages would be a big help. Thanks alot.
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