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  1. I intend to be there.Stll got to hit sec.state on friday,and i should be all set to finnaly get my rig on the lake!
  2. Leadcore fishing line changes color every 10 yards.more colors=deeper presentation.
  3. I was out there today and got skunked, only 1 bite in 20 ft of water.I did go out 70 to 80 foot of water an marked a ton of fish but they all laughed at me lol!
  4. Sorry i'm a late scratch[[trouble getting boat right]Good luck everyone be safe.
  5. i might fish my Slyvan 17 she is always ready! i'll try to check in with ya this week end, THANKS!
  6. What amp fuse should i have inline on my downriggers? They are older WALKERS
  7. Getting exited i looked at the Holland web cam and i see open water with a few ice cubes!
  8. TNTMud,i am from Eaton Rapids also and i will be fishing too. I would be glad to share info.Real nice and easy place to fish from.We can convoy or maybe share a trip also.
  9. DOCSIS 3 equipment is what you should have to enjoy modern internet potential[modems.routers]
  10. I started using Scotty releases with the 24 inch length, and they worked great and are super simple.
  11. I will be looking for some twiili tips,or swivel roller tips for some diver rods.
  12. June is usually a slower bite,so would recomend patience and maybe extra beer!
  13. I have been running green 20# Big Game, It works great and is cheap!
  14. Luhr jensen has shoehorn spoons,a little bigger than most. have not ran them much though.
  15. DreamWeaver has the snaps dipped in the rubber with a slit,they really work awesome,but they are a free slider.
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