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  1. Thanks all for the welcome. I used to fish out of Muskegon but now I will be trailering the boat to the lake. Nearest port is South Haven. Nice amenities but I haven't had much luck catching fish there I like the idea of having short sections of mono between a few colors. Until I have to tie all those knots, I suppose. But I don't have the budget luxury of multiple rigs.
  2. I am an old time Lake Michigan fisherman (thanks to my Dad). I'm getting back into G.L. fishing. Times have changed (well, OK, a while back, but I was out of the loop)! All I knew was (know is?) down-riggers and weighted "high-lines". Now there is this lead core. OK, I'm all ears, but here's my question; if you use an in-line planer board (such that you have to reel it in to release it and remove it before you bring in the fish), can you attach the lead core to the planer board (allowing you to put out as many colors as you see fit) or must you get to the mono / braided backer line to connect to the board? (Same question put another way, if you attach lead core to the board do you trash the line?) I'd really like some advice on this, thank you!!
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