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Best King Spoons - Fishlander/ Miami Green Purple Froggy - Mag

Silver Streak / Black Fin Tuna - Reg.

Laker Spoon - Silver Streak / Purple w glow tape - Reg.

Meat - (rigger)Large Flasher - green glo head - down and dirty

(diver) fishcatcher - green/chrome head

(core) fishcatcher - green/chrome head

Attractor and Fly - White fishcatcher w/ squinchee green glow

Tin Can w/ Rapture Fly Speedweed

Green fishcatcher w/ Twin slam

Steelies - Orange Twin Slams!!!!!!!!

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Scratch that Twin Slam question Levi...I found them. Funny, I bookmarked there website over a year ago thinking they would be productive for many applications, but never followed up with it...that will change!

Alright Darrin what is a "Twin Slam"? I have been doing a web search and could only come up with the "Olson Twin Slammed with eating disorder":rolleyes:


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They are THE BOMB!!!

Also I believe that they were the first to sell superglow flies (squinchee). If you order, tell John I sent you. I also carry quite a few onboard Sporty. Come on down and maybe I can hook you up with some promo's.


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Hot Samon Spoon Throuhg June D.w. Fire Cracker And Mongoose June Through Sept. The Spoon Was A D.w. Dr. Death Reg And Stingers Glow Frog Spindocter Was White Glo Crush With Green Glo Horse Flie The Best Was A #3 J- Plug In Silver Cut Plug Or Glow Ghost

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