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  1. Caz, I have no idea if I can make this event or not, I just cant plan that far in advance right now. However, I want to help out as I think its very worthy. Send me your address and I will send you a $100 donation. Its just to help out. If I can fish it, I will pay my fee's on top of that. PM or email me your address and a check is on the way. Thanks for your work for a worthy cause. EXTRA: FOR EVERY PERSON WHO WILL MATCH MY DONATION OF A $100 CASH, I WILL DONATE AN EXTRA $10. COME ON GUYS, GET YOUR CHECKBOOK OUT! Dave
  2. I just got one. I have not had a chance to fish with it yet. I have played with it in the garage a bit and it appears to be a quality unit so far. The video quality is better than I expected. Dave
  3. For those few days when I really would like the 4 riggers I am willing to let them go. I can always accomplish the same thing with a dipsy on 0 right off the rear in place of those other 2 riggers. Dave
  4. We mainly have them with a 8" dodger towing meat Dave
  5. We have been big on core for a few years now. We carry 6 core rods and often run them all. I guess alot of it is that we have alot confidence in it and I think we are pretty good at running it. I actually removed 2 of my riggers this year and will focus more on other rods. Our rigger fish are down tremendously and there are plenty of other ways to catch them. We have also been running alot of wire lines with 1# balls, this was actually our #1 rig for big fish last year. We run these off the rear corners where the outdown riggers would be. These rods seem to get going around mid morning and always pulled the bigger fish. Dave
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