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Pentwater 8/29 AM, 6 for 9

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We set lines out front in 50 FOW on a SW troll. The low wire heavy slidediver fired first. It had a white spin doctor and meat rig set on a 1.5 out 85 ft. As we were fighting that fish, I put the high diver out to the same side, with the same bait. We put it on a 3 setting and set it out to 150 ft. Right when we tightened the drag to stop it at 150 ft, it got bit and we were doubled up. We boated 17 and 12 pound kings.


Then we had a two hour pause with no bites as we worked South. Then in 107 FOW the Starboard high diver out 150 finally fired with a blue-ish J-plug. It got off just as we were pulling out of the rod holder.


Then another hour and a half pause with no action. During that time we had spun back North and sought deeper water. In 145 FOW we picked up a throwback laker on a Craigs Flounder on a 200 Cu. We kept heading NW.


We got into the fish in 170 FOW where we picked up 3 hits in 6 minutes. The blue J-plug on the high diver fired again. A pink stripped plug fires on a 250 Cu. A double orange crush took a rip on the 100 Cu. That fish was really ripping line and a rookie tightened the drag too much and the hook got straightened. The others were boated and included a 10# steelhead and 9# king.


Our last two hits came about 50 minutes later on 300 coppers. One in 180 FOW (17# king) on a blue Haze blade and meat rig. The other on a green haze blade and meat rig. That fish ripped the board back, but got off pretty quickly.


We finished 6 for 9 with 4 kings, 1 steelhead and a throwback laker. Divers took the first four hits and coppers took the last 5. We ran a 15 rod spread with 4 rigger poles that never got touched.


It was great to finally get a calm day on the water.


Also, there were limited posts from me this summer because I've been crazy busy and had engine issues, which prompted me to repower with a Mercury 300 Pro XS. 20230828_083315.jpg20230828_111207.jpg123_1.jpgbaits.jpghit-time.jpg


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Fantastic report n job.

Heading out here in SoHa Friday; going to fish skinny water for hopefully some stagging kings; if not will work my way slowly out to 100-120 where there have been a few nice kings. Safe water this weekend!

P.S: I too bit the bullet and repowered my 21’ Grady with a 2024 140HP, Tohatsu 4 stroke that is running great. With my 1999 130Hp Honda 4 stroke having overheating problems, aka 2 water pumps, new T’stat and motor flush, it was time.

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