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  1. No sir Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. 2 For 2 , Solo run. Got a late start dealing with condensation on windshield. 1. 7:30 am, 9 lb King, rigger down 40 ft, 112 FOW, moonshine spoon 2. 7:50 am, 4 lb King, 10 color, 117 FOW, wonder bread SD and spoon Trolled out to 165 ft and back in to 100. No more takers
  3. I lost a ball a couple of weeks ago the same way. No probe on it though. As you say happens really fast. Thanks for the report.
  4. 1/1 on salmon and 1\1 on sheepshead 1. 6:45 am, 5 lb king, full core, 83 fow, moonshine spoon 2. 7:30 am, must have been a 15 lb sheepshead, I didn’t bother weigh it. Lol Most everyone else was much deeper but I was too stubborn to join them. That’s the problem with running solo. No one there to tell you you’re stupid.
  5. Nice work 2md. It was nice out there today. 1/2 for real fish and can add a Sheepy. 1. nice King lost at boat, full core, 90 fow, mag moonshine spoon 2. Small coho, wonderbread sd and spoon, 80 fow, down 50ft on rigger 3. big sheepshead. I will spare you the details Also had the privilege of spending 45 minutes retrieving a loose planar board. I did get it finally though.
  6. I will be out in the morning too. However, JDH provided the info tonight. hit up seafoam on radio 68 if bored. Cheers.
  7. Ps. I see you guys going out often. Nice boat. I live in the most east house on south side of the narrows. White House blue roof. Directly across from Marigold.
  8. What does “south of the sliders” mean? Thanks!
  9. Nice work. Thanks for the report. Hope to get out tomorrow. Lake forecast looks great all week.
  10. I was one of the thirty boats waiting for the freighter. Missed getting out before him by 10 minutes. 1 for 1, 9 lb Lake Trout, 8:45 am saved me from getting skunked. Full core, bloody nose spoon, 110 ft of water. Only hit of the morning. Just fired up the smoker.
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