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  1. wish you were wrong but think you're probably right! regardless, we will have fun trying and we aint after no 3 year olds... we want the behemoths so we can put em on the wall got a 41.75 inch male on Oct1 2019 (Saugatuck mud - freezing rain sideways east wind howling) got a 42.5 inch male 3rd week in Sept last year (Holland Channel - 11 footers banging pier from the North)
  2. uggh... bad sign they weren't even biting down in Saugatuck stay tuned kids and I may brave the rain and give it a whirl a few more times in Holland Channel in the next 48hrs... if they are gonna run and however many are left this cold front has gotta be last call
  3. finally some colder water so decided to give the mud and channel a shot fished a couple hours... was honestly a little disappointed that there were not more fish eating in there had 3 strikes... all in channel and east of big red... only one stayed hooked up - size3 plug 15 down on rigger anyone else figure something out with the salmon run here off holland or even saug then sure appreciate info!
  4. GREAT fishing tale Kevin from last night and I know it was all true because i was out there witnessing it! Impressive as heck that is all that traffic and chaos you scored some kings! there is nothing quite like fall fishing... I love it, even when I strikeout
  5. my son was nice enough to track and type out our setup that worked: #1 Wonderbread size 3 plug – 5 color #2 Standard size Rv Flounder pounder – rigger #3 Scaly Golden size three plug – rigger #4 12 inch Purple Fishscale paddle with Honey Phil Phil fly – diver #5 Chrome Redhead size three plug – diver #6 Chrome redhead size 4 plug – 5 color #7 Scaly Green size three plug – rigger #8 Scaly Golden size three plug – rigger ...and Aaron he apparently knows you and was gonna just message or call you about leader length... decent but not extreme I'd say... definitely use 40-50# mono because they take a beating
  6. 6 for 8 off Holland this morning You ought to be able to tell from the photos where we were smoking em! Sad truth is we did poorly out in that 50-70 at sunrise and the crew was pretty much despaired and giving up and then Mid-morning I trolled us straight in and right there heading in we had 3 go off almost instantly Some nice big fillets! Size3 and size4 plugs mainly Although 12” flasher took the biggest They were pissed off and fought great! Dead calm beautiful morning and noboddy around us…
  7. take that back... i see here you shared LOTS of info... think it is about time i dig out the legendary blue bubble spindocter based upon what you weote hey keep me posted if you get out again soon in the next few days especially if you find em in by the piers and I'll do the same... on 68 i go by Parker
  8. haha - yes sir lil fibber - way south and skinny water at the end... but yep that was us setting up by you off tunnel in the beginning... shoot man we were so excited and figuring we'd 3 man limit when we scored on that triple at 6.40am in 78fow east troll but unfortunately we had so many tangles and counter carnage in our gear coming out of that it took a while to recover and we ended up just 4 for 4. Seen you glowing up baits. Did you get into em some? if so share info please. Yesterday was a better bite (went 3 for 12) but who knows... tonight my son is out there with my buddy and they aren't getting em too strong either... couple sheep and a small salmon is all so far.
  9. nice work your fish were up high and later in the morning... think I seen you out there
  10. somone just told me BestChance Charter out of Saugatuck had 18 kings by 845am this morning... would love to know what depth that happened in!
  11. good job out there this morning, ESPECIALLY considering you were solo
  12. thanks alright 4for4 we got one on deep dipsey 90 out in 61fow while trolling in an hour ago
  13. 3for3 triple in 78fow east troll 10min before sunrise that's all bait disappeared bite slowed... deep diver 120 cryptonite paddle 10 color jplug scaly firetiger copp200 moonshine mag
  14. thanks cool yes we blast by your place all the time (well not really anymore with the no wake haha) I'll watch for you here as fall fishing is just beginning... good times thanks for the info on the slide diver too JDH... that makes sense 40-50 down because even in PS buoy cold water is creeping higher in the column by the hour now... gonna go out with my sons in the AM so this info you provided tonight really helps... debating even running 5colors in the AM... we shall see
  15. sliders aka Saugatuck Dunes so about half way down between Holland and Saugatuck
  16. about how far down is a slide diver at 125 if you had to guess? I've never run those...
  17. beautiful - nice work sounds like them have moved up in the water column things must be cooling down!
  18. the were right hugging the bottom in that water this morning for whatever that's worth... as in like 5ft off bottom in 78-92
  19. mainly south off the sliders good luck man - post a report please!
  20. 3 for 12 same water as last night (75-90fow) fish were 70-80 down on deep dipsey and riggers with the exception of a 10 color beast that we fought and lost right at sunrise all bites on paddles and spindocters with the exception of that 10 color which was chrome red head jplug trolling direction didn't matter other guys I know did better keeping em on today
  21. went 4 for 6 deep dipsey out 130 and 120 in 78fow was magic for us tonight cryptonite paddle white paddle that was basically all we could get em to bite no... we did have a beast king smoke a hi-dipsey our 220 with frog spindocter but it broke 40 pound mono leader and left with the fly on a big run trolling direction didn't matter our biggest fish of the evening was a 27 pound male gonna give it a try again in the morning hope cold water keeps moving up in column and can get action on 5 and 10 colors
  22. fished sunrise off Holland this morning went 6 for 12 best depth was 82 fow shallest bite was 76 fow furthest out bite was 112fow seemed like the kings and coho were stacked in real nice down deep in close this AM - wish we could've landed more but we were just screwing around and having fun rigger down 90 and 95 was good copper 250, copper 300, copper 350 all went high dipsey out 225 went three times with spoon on it all spoons except on one deep rigger they liked a white paddle
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