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Pentwater 8/5 PM 6 for 9 (no kings)

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Motored out slowly through the cold water around 4 PM keeping an eye on the sonar for life.  Found some bait in 50 FOW but kept heading SW.  The water temp was 54.5 degrees right in front of the pier outside the river plume.  Since we didn't mark anything in the cold water, we decided to fish the warm side of the cold water.  We noticed the temps start to rise in 213 FOW.  At 240 FOW we slowed it down and got set up on a SW troll.  We ran a 6 rod spread tonight.  Speeds were between 2.4 and 2.6.  Water temp was 47.8 degrees 55 feet down.  The key for us tonight was finding the right water temp and staying in it.  For us, it was 57.7 degrees up to 60.5 degrees on the surface.  All of the hits came in that range.  We started pulling lines at 9 PM.  Here's what worked:  (If you're viewing this on the mobile app, this table will be a mess so see the image of it below.)

Time   FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole
5:10 PM   250 SW Steelhead Mag Rosta Goose 100 Cu
5:13 PM   252 SW 11# Coho Blue Flounder  Braid SlideDiver w/ring, #3 setting out 120
5:37 PM   260 SW Coho Kevin's Girlfriend SpinDoc & Meat Braid SlideDiver w/ring, #3 setting out 160
5:55 PM   255 SE MISS Kevin's Girlfriend SpinDoc & Meat Braid SlideDiver w/ring, #3 setting out 160
6:27 PM   253 S MISS 8" Green paddle & green fly 250 Cu
7:09 PM   263 NE MISS Rosta Goose 100 Cu (May have been a King bite)
7:16 PM   259 NE Steelhead 8" Green paddle & green fly 250 Cu
8:10 PM   262 NE Steelhead Grn & Silver SpinDoc & fly 200 Cu
8:59 PM   256 NE Steelhead Rosta Goose 100 Cu












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Thanks for the post, I went out yesterday morning and planned on heading out to deeper water to find the warmer water but it was rough and my wife wanted to turn back, I talked to another fisherman and I said to look out deeper for the warmer water but he said he would,ve  fished out front of the mouth where the warmer water was mixing with the cool water. I respect and appreciate his information but it's nice to hear you went out deeper and found the warmer water and more importantly caught fish (the same thing happened 3-4 weeks ago when the water turned over and I found the warmer water out deep, reading you did that gives me more confidence in my thought process). Would you say you were targeting the 52-54 degree temp zone in the water column  or a little cooler to have your lures in? 


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