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  1. Thanks for the post, I went out yesterday morning and planned on heading out to deeper water to find the warmer water but it was rough and my wife wanted to turn back, I talked to another fisherman and I said to look out deeper for the warmer water but he said he would,ve fished out front of the mouth where the warmer water was mixing with the cool water. I respect and appreciate his information but it's nice to hear you went out deeper and found the warmer water and more importantly caught fish (the same thing happened 3-4 weeks ago when the water turned over and I found the warmer water out deep, reading you did that gives me more confidence in my thought process). Would you say you were targeting the 52-54 degree temp zone in the water column or a little cooler to have your lures in? -Joel
  2. did the water warm up a little? What temp is the surface where you are catching the fish? I went out yesterday morning but, like you, it was rough and we called it.
  3. Water had turned over and it was 50 degrees at the surface in 80fow, went 3 for 4, caught a nice Coho in 108fow on 250 copper with spoon at 720am, an hour or so later had another coho on dipsy w/spoon around 175fow but my noob friend didn't know how to control the fish and it was all over my rigger cables and spit/knocked out the spoon. I went hunting for warmer water and found it out deaper, I set my gear higher up, and in 200fow I caught a nice 20# female King with Meat rig down 33ft on rigger. Finally as I was bringing my lines in I had a small Laker bite the spoon on my 250 copper after I had trolled back towards the pier in 100fow.
  4. I went out of Muskegon on 7-6, went 4 for 4, 11# king on 300 copper w/mag DW spoon in 310 fow, nice coho on meat rig off the downrigger in 300ish fow, laker on 250 copper with jointed spoon around 200 fow and coho off same meat rig in 173 fow Sent from my SM-G930V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. I ended up doing 300 and 250 on Okuma Coldwater 453DS reels, I actually measured out 300 feet of copper and when putting it on the reels the line counter was reading that I had 335 ft, so after doing the math, the 250 would need to read 280. Okuma CW 453DS 300ft of copper= 335ft (665) on line counter 250ft of copper= 280ft (720) on line counter
  6. This is why I signed up at this site and glad I did, lots of helpful people here, thanks for putting this calculator up, God bless your appetite!
  7. That's great, thinking about going out on Sunday if I'm able to get some stuff done around the house. Thanks for the report.
  8. Hi, I'm about to make up 4 Bloodrun 45 copper set ups and was planning on 2 -250 and 2 -300, or should I do 275/325, what are your thoughts? Thanks -Joel
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