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  1. reeltimebrad

    Temp probe advice

    Either one, they both work great. I would'nt have a use for the bluetooth feature but if you have a flybridge boat it could be of use.
  2. Never heard of having to loosen the cap and have never had a issue with the probe. I would be more afraid of forgetting to tighten it before the next use and filling it with water than I would be of some pressure related failure at the surface. I think alot of problems arise from leaving probe on rigger bouncing around and banging into the rigger boom and gunnels causing cracks.
  3. Same thing happened in south haven last week right after the kings left.
  4. reeltimebrad

    St. Joe pm, 5-8-18

    Those are the trips you will remember for a lifetime.
  5. reeltimebrad

    Heavy cannonball, pulley & a rigger

    FYI your auto stop feature will not work with braided line it cant sense the electrical current break through the braid and will not stop on its own and they are plenty powerful enough to snap that braid right off and send your probe ,pulley, weight and release to the bottom. I commend you on a innovative approach to a nagging issue everyone has but it seems you are complicating things beyond any real world gain.
  6. Can you tell me the model # Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  7. reeltimebrad

    for sale Traxstech Gimbal mounts

    Still available? If so text me 2695018911 Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. reeltimebrad

    underwater lighting

    Check out Coastalnightlights.com I've been running them for years there cheap but bright. As easy to install as a transom transducer
  9. What depth of water were you fishing?
  10. Are you serious? Ive not heard of this stealth drone before would seem like a huge invasion of privacy if there flying around your boat in 150 ft of water where you would'nt expect anyone to be watching and recording what your doing.
  11. reeltimebrad

    I suck

    Fished sout haven also on sat the bite started to turn on late for us around 11:00 am and didnt last all that long. fish where widely scattered.
  12. Fished from 5 till8 ran 6 lines in 110 ft water ended up 4 for 5 two 3 yr old kings and two lakers. flasher fly and plugs on low divers. lots of fish right on bottom in 80 ft as we were pulling lines.
  13. I actually made some out of aluminum and was planning on using them for storing the riggers in a unused compartment of the boat but never did. Only thing is they should probably have a S.S. helicoil as the al. threads would probably wear out over time.
  14. went 7 for 9 120 ft water 300 cu with f.f was best,low diver with f.f. took a couple and riggers took 2 with spoons. kevorkian s.d. with mirage fly was best.1 king was 24lb. 3 lakers 1 steel rest were kings.