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floro C leaders on downriggers - use or not?

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I use 10# on my short cores for browns.  I cut it off when the steelhead show up and also to use them as SWR's on the riggers.

With all the variables that come into play, it's all but impossible to say that something works better than something else.

If you think it helps, then it helps.

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in the summer for kings I run a 6 foot piece of flouro on my rigger lines. Uni to uni it in to the main line. I use 25 on my divers. And 25 on all lead core and copper lines. My brand in seagar invisex. I have seen it make a difference in the fall while trolling coho in platte bay. I broke a fish off on a rigger line that had taken several fish that day. I did not replace the flouro on the end and fished the same lure with poor results. Put flouro back on that rigger line and it started to fire again. I may have been coincidence but I like to believe it makes a difference.




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