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  1. in the summer for kings I run a 6 foot piece of flouro on my rigger lines. Uni to uni it in to the main line. I use 25 on my divers. And 25 on all lead core and copper lines. My brand in seagar invisex. I have seen it make a difference in the fall while trolling coho in platte bay. I broke a fish off on a rigger line that had taken several fish that day. I did not replace the flouro on the end and fished the same lure with poor results. Put flouro back on that rigger line and it started to fire again. I may have been coincidence but I like to believe it makes a difference.
  2. So I have been looking at used boats online. Want to upgrade from 19 to 23-25 foot. I like walk around styl with a small cabin. All the boats I have been finding have been ran in saltwater. There is some in the Great Lakes region for sale but the price is way more for a boat that has only be n run in fresh water. WhAts everyone's opinion on buying a boat from salt water. I know the basics like they need to flush it out after use and clean the boat frequently but that's about all I know. Does anyone have experience with a used salt water boat like, pro line or pursuit walk around model
  3. On the impeller be sure to replace the base for plate. The plate sometimes will wear befor the rubber pump does. Especially if it ever gets sand or debris in it. I have had one fail just from a worn base plate. Be sure to clean any rubber streaks with brake cleaner befor reassembling. Grease fins up and you should be all set. Just get the whole kit and you should be worry free. That price seems a bit high. I only have replaced the feul filter that's visible on the side of the engine.
  4. I have the same engine. Fuel filter, lower unit oil, impeller pump, plugs. Once that’s all changed and it runs good leave it alone. That’s my maintenance schedule and mine runs great every year. Had mine 9 years now and only thing I had to fix was a 175$ coil. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the report. I'm way up in frankfort and am planning my first trip down to st. Joe this spring. Don't know much about the fishery except what I find online. Look like I should wait a couple weeks when I have my actual vacation.
  6. Usually the day the ice comes off the harbors and launches. Last year I pushed skim ice to get out of Ludington on march 10. Caught the first fish of 2018 that day. Just a small coho. As of now my boat is just getting out of the pole barn for spring maintenance. Still ice on Ludington Manistee and Frankfort as of today. Wont be long though and we will be trolling for browns. I am predicting the first week in april if we are lucky.
  7. Straight out of port, 190 fow 65 down on rigger, green DW paddle with green krw meat rig took a 10 pound King. Slide diver out 150 with a pink DW super slim spoon took a 8 pound King in 175 fow.
  8. Fished from big point north. Went 1 for 1. The fishing was slow, but I could not believe the marks we were getting. There was fish everywhere on the graph between 110 and 180 fow. Most were between 60-100 down. Our 1 7 pound king came on a moo moo meat rig with a white slick glow spin doc the 195 out on setting 2 mag dipsy. Hope they get hungry.
  9. I will check into that one. Thanks for the reply.
  10. The boat is a 1977 century raven 250 with a 351 Mercruiser. When we leave the dock and motor out to our spot the boat usually runs fine. During trolling speed the boat runs ok. When we go to throttle up at the end of fishing the boat doesn't want to run well. It misses really bad and will back fire horrible if you try to push it past about ten mph. We have installed new plugs, wires, cap, points and condenser. We also replace the fuel filter. A professional mechanic put a new coil in it and a different thermostat. He also tightened the timing chain which was slack. We took it back out and it did the same thing. Now I am starting to think its a fuel issue. I think most likely the line is pinching off because the tank isn't venting properly, or there is something in the tank clogging the fuel passage through the line. The reason I believe this is because every possible electronic device has been replaced on the engine and we still have the same symptonms. Also the reason I think its a fuel issue is because while the engine is running rough and you try to give it more throttle the engines carb is making a loud sucking sound like its getting air but no fuel. Its an old boat that looks pretty good. My grandpa bought it brand new in 77 from the factory in Manistee and fished it for years out of the port of Pentwater. We are not ready to throw in the towel on this boat, mostly because it has been part of our family since 77. Any suggestions are welcome. Just trying to keep the BER-BEN on the water. Thanks
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