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How many of you fishermen still do this


What do you do when a rod takes off..  

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  1. 1. What do you do when a rod takes off..

    • Run to the rod all excited
    • Just walk over there like its only a fish..

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Being a charter captain, sometimes you have to let the customer try to get the rod first, esp. if you're into them already, or if they plead with me to let them set it. After a couple of lost fish, or sleeping on the job, I usually take the job back and make it from the helm seat to the rod well before the customers even know there's a fish on. The worst experience I had was with Bass Pros that wanted to set the hook. They were setting the hook four times and yanking the hook out of the gills over and over, finally breaking a rod on the soft top rail, and yes, I made them buy me a new rod replacement while I cleaned their 20 some fish.

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I get pumped up like a little kid man! So do most of the people I fish with. Hope to be yellin "fish on" a lot this year. Being this is going to be my first year on the big water I am a little nervous that I won't catch many fish. Been reading anything I can find for tips.

My first time we barely had two downriggers set ( I barely had a clue what to do, and only had a dozen spoons total) and a nice 14 pounder took the spoon got that one in the boat. I was resetting the downrigger and a 4 pounder hit, We caught another 4 pounder and a 9 pounder before we called it a night.

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its never changed for me, when that rod moves im on my way, and i,ve been doing it since 1977,LOL. i do give others a chance if there closer to the rod than i am. i start yelling which rod as im on my way. if they dont grt it before i get there then i,ll get the rod and hand it off to whoevers turn it happens to be. i have been known to run over a few people getting to the rod. they were just moving alittle to slow,LOL.


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my best yells..




and last when i have a loss for words, not sure how to describe the location...


then half way through the tripp all i have to do is start on fishy fishy fishy...for a fish call to get the bite going...and get some reactions to boot

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Quite the stories from all, nice. About 10 years ago I had a friend that went with me and x-grlfnd, and he took pride in always jumping on the rod before me. Most of the time I saw it first, pointed to it, and let him reel/land it. This trip was a little different, and became annoying. We would finish with 12 fish, but the thing was, he and grlfnd. both landed their limit, and he had made me look bad in front of her by always pushing and bumping himself to the rod first, no matter what. So, the next fish I decided he was going to get a serious body check, ya know, hockey-jockey style. Next fish went I didn't say a word, as I hadn't for the last several fish, I just moved in for the combat. This time he went down, and I mean to the deck on his keester. He was slow getting up, but still laughing, with a backache too. Funny, that friend NEVER made it to the rod before me again, unless I gave him the go-ahead sign, that of the middle finger to boot.

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fishing walleyes this evening....had a mini disk just rip.......i almost jumped out the boat...."DIVER!!! DIVER!!!DIVER!!! ended being a hub cap sized sheepshead...... high fives all over....gotta love it when they rip it

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Great old thread brough back from the dead!

Nothing gets me going like a rod getting hit when trolling. Over the years I have learned to not run over people but nothing frustrates me more than when the rod goes off and no one goes for it. In second place is when I'm yelling "Fish On" and the person nearest doesn't react.

Last summer one of my best friends and a couple others were out with me and the port stern rigger rod popped. I was already fighting a fish on a diver and I'm yelling "Fish On" and pointing. I think he went for every rod on the boat except the one that had the hit. Really funny and he really got ribbed about it for the next month. Tom is notorious for having directional issues but this was classic and every time I say "your other right" he knows exactly what I'm talking about.

In my high school years I got the nickname of Rhino from my Dad due to my name but also because of how fast I went from being seated to a hit. One time we took my algebra and history teachers out with us off Manistee. They were both dozing in the jump seats in front of the stern riggers. When a rod went off I'd go right over the top of them. After about the third time one of them suggested that I really didn't need to get there quite that fast -- I disagreed :).

My college room mate was also a fishing nut and when we both got on the boat it was a real contest to see which one would get to the rod first. We were both in pretty good shape at the time but he out weighed me by a good 30#. I held my own getting to the rod first 3 out of every 4. I was just quicker.

Fishing the shelf off the Bath House in Ludington one year I saw a rod pop on a boat going north as we were going south. I'm yelling fish-on and pointing at their boat/rod. I'm sure they thought I was nuts... but they weren't reacting and I HAD to help!

If I ever stop getting excited on a hit, it will be time to sell the gear and take up gardening. Heck, I think I even yell when I'm out solo. I completely understand Mike Iaconelli's reaction to landing a bass.


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