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  1. If you are walking to the rod all nonchalant because its just another fish, go find a new sport that will get ya excited. As for me, I'll be sprinting to the rods for the next 60 years God willing.
  2. Also check for good clearances. The local shops around here, Gander included, often clearance their lure building supplies at times just to make room for new stuff. I have gotten loads of blades super cheap from Gander often.
  3. I worked in Ganders fishing dept for 4 yrs through college. 30 ft was our standard for ready-to-fish rigs, and usually the staple for most customers as well.
  4. I agree with the consensus, pick a spot, head to it, then set up. I Dont waste valuable fishing time looking for fish first (goodness knows I dont get out there as much as I'd like to in the first place).
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