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  1. That sounds good Bob ....why haven't you fixed that for us before we head out fishing? Lol
  2. I'm thinking it's on WFN.....not sure tho......it's either WFN, SPMAN, or PRST.....just tried to search but have to keep waiting for program info to download. When I find it I'll post it, but they must have a website....
  3. Good show, I've been watching for several I weeks now. Nice to see a show in michigan, and so close to home!
  4. Pick up a copy of Mark Romancks Precision Trolling that will answer all your questions. I have a copy that I leave on my boat. It's a must have in my opinion. Good luck!
  5. Amen to the smoked lake trout..they are great, especially while they are still warm from the smoker!
  6. Happy New Year to you as we'll, and extending a Happy New Year to all, with best wishes and tight lines for2013.
  7. Dave, Thanks for the article, great information to know.
  8. A belated " Welcome Aboard" Charlie....have a safe holiday.
  9. Welcome Dave ... We met at the fishing expo at Birch Run last March... Best of Luck to you and your family.
  10. Note: I only have 2 downriggers.....and don't have tangle issues when running flashers off of dipsies or long lines with planer boards, always keeping good separation. I would typically run 1 dipsie and 1 long line with in line planer per side...in addition to the DR lines. Hope this is of some help. Good luck!
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