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Daydreamer Charters, Traverse City

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totally agree fbd. I accused him of it on another site and he replied that he did support the site with banner adds. Never paid attention to them so gave him the benefit of the doubt. Also claimed a lot of give away and tourny prizes if I recall correctly. I wont buy one until I see an actual paid for add on each site he posts these so called reports on. Other tackle makers post there own reports on there website and do include speed, depth, etc. Sorry Tom no free pr here, you are actually giving a negative impact to your company.

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I just saw Dreamweaver donate, for the eighth year running, about 500 spoons and flashers to Benefit for Kids.  That's where my money goes.


I know it's a tough business to crack into, but shameless product whoring all but guarantees I will not use your product. 

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Sorry about that - I agree w/ the comments, sometimes we get pics in from customers w/o the details, conditions... still excited for them,  put a nice king in the box w/ one of our lures!

Also, spoke w/ Chad Lapa, he set us up w/ a link to update the banner ads - should be up now for here & Lake Ontario United.  And I agree w/ the donations & support, we have spent a lot on advertising and tackle giveaways for tournament sponsoring, we do not always see the return in orders, but is part of the business & getting the word out,  mostly enjoy the feedback when we are helping someone put fish in the box!

Tom Schultz - FishKnocker



Lakers 8-9-16.JPG

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