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  1. Muskegon 7/30am 7 for somewhere between 15 and 20 hits this morning (2 rookies did all the fighting..had a blast!) We pretty much parked it in 170+/- FOW17# king Mag RV Mongolian Beef on swr down 6020# King green meat rig/spin dr wire diver back 14013# King Mag Blue Hulk 250' copper5# Coho Blue meat rig/spin dr wire diver out 908# Coho Blue splatter back cut plug down 40.4# Steelhead green meat rig/spin dr 300' copper6# king SS UV jagerbomb 150 copperAll rods took hits most took multiple
  2. Dreamweaver Captains choice, I run a variety colors and presentations. Oddly enough my best steelhead rod 2 years in a row has been 200' Cu with a blue splatter back captains choice, along with taking many kings. If you can find #2 J plugs in orange, they've been good for me on short cores for steel as well. ,
  3. A lot of flies stay on the flasher during the season. But for storage I keep flies, hooks, and beads in separate compartments of a clear Plano box. Flies get stuffed into 3.5" of a plastic milk shake straw, and are sorted by primary color. I just rig fly on the boat.
  4. Fished Pentwater this past weekend. Warm water and a good chop made things a little difficult but we were able to put some fish in the box. All fish were caught over 135-180FOW in front of the Dunes. 8/27 3:30-9:30pm 2 for 5 0/1-300' Copper-Blue Jeans Spoon 1/2-95' Rigger SWR-JJ Mac Muffin Spoon-5lb King 1/2-Mag Dipsy out 220 on 2-10" White Spin DR-Mountain Dew Meat Rig-18lb King 8/28 5:30-10:00AM 5/6 0/1 Mag Dipsy out 200 on 2-10" Green Spin Dr-Mountain Dew Meat Rig 1/1 225' Copper-Blue Splatter Back Captains Choice cut plug-7lb Steelhead (hit while pulling the line) 1/1 Mag Dipsy out 220 on 2-Mongolian Beef Spoon-10lb King 1/1 80' Rigger-Firetiger Captains Choice cut plug-10lb King 1/1 Maq Dipsy out 220 on 2-10" White Spin Dr-Blue meat rig-7lb King 1/1-95' Rigger SWR-Flounder Pounder Spoon-4lb King
  5. Agree with slickwater, it's hard enough with electronics.
  6. Agree with Pikeman. This past weekend I fished piers in St Joe and Holland without ever seeing a silver fish taken. Talked to boat fisherman and charters in Holland, Grand Haven, Saugatauk, South Haven and St Joe...same story everywhere, slow to dead.
  7. I don't know much about lakers on Erie, but I ice fish them every year on Superior and also open water fish them on Grand Traverse Bay. First I'd go with your lighter "white bass/drum" set up, they are way more fun to catch on lighter gear. 2nd, for me spoons have far out produced bucktails and tube jibs, with this one in 1oz being my best (http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-XPS-Freestyle-Jig/product/90542/). Electronics are your friend. Even in the spring with cold water temps, I often find greatest concentrations of lakers in 160'+. When we are ice fishing we do tip our jigs with a small chunk of smelt, never found it necessary in GTB though.
  8. Looks like I have things resolved. Put new connectors on the solenoid control wires and that seemed to fix the starter problem, then while putting new plug wires on last night I found out 2 were reversed.
  9. Purchased a used boat last week. When the previous owner started the boat for me I noticed it seemed to crank a little slow, but didn't think much of it at that time..and batteries were on a charger. A couple days later I tried starting at home and would barely turn over but after several attempts it turned just enough to start. I thought the batteries might be low, put them on a charger and tried again the next day. This time it wouldn't turn at all and just click once when turning the ignition. Knowing the batteries are charged, and the prior events of slow crank turning into no crank..I concluded it was a starter problem, so I installed a new one. Go to start and "click". I then jump wired the starter and it fired right up. Shut it down, went and turned ignition and it fired right up. So I trailered to the lake, went to start, click. Jump wired it and headed out. Ran for a while, shut it down, shortly after turn key and fired right up. Headed to a different spot, fished for maybe a half hour, turn key..click. Jump wired it and headed back to the ramp. Any suggestions to remedy the issue? I've checked terminals for corrosion and everything seems clean. 2nd issue. I am getting a popping or backfiring starting around 2000rpm. It starts easily and runs smooth up to that point, and can rev beyond that in neutral without issue...only occurs under load. One friend suggested bad plug wires, another bad gas. Any suggestions? I will be installing new plugs, wires, cap and rotor this week. Boat is 1984 22' Pursuit with Volvo Penta aq225d.
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