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  1. Welcome Great Lakes Fishermen!  We run a small online tackle shop, GL-Tackle.com.  Each season we field test new stuff, the ones that catch the most & get the best feedback go into next season's production run.  Thank you for sending in the pictures and tips w/ setups & what worked for you, very much appreciated & helping other fishermen for sure!

    Okay, good luck out there and tight lines!

    Tom Schultz - FishKnocker

    Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting, GL-Tackle.com 

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  2. Some recent pics, thank you for sending in and sharing what's working 15# Brown out of Marinette, WI trolling 40fow close to bottom w/ Zombie Apocalypse™ SuperGlow 17# Laker out of Sheboygan, WI trolling 125fow, 80' down on dipsey w/ HeadHunter™ Red Mag SuperGlow (managed a grand slam that day, had one king, laker, brown, steelhead and coho!) 27# King + (2) nice Steelhead out of Algoma, WI, (1) Steelhead hit the same HeadHunter™ Red Thanks again, good luck and be safe out there! Tom Schultz - FishKnocker http://www.gl-tackle.com/home
  3. Browns & Early Kings, pics sent in from Nick Hutchinson early April, fishing out of Oak Creek, WI w/ friends & Deep Trouble Charters! Awesome catch, thanks for sending in Nick! Good luck everyone this spring! Ain't No Joke Productions Deep Trouble Charters Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting
  4. nice king & steelhead Picked up a nice 19lb king & 8lb steelhead fishing yest. in Sheboygan, WI our boat "Team Busch", hot lure HammerTime™ Zombie Perch thanks to Angler's Avenue and Tournament Trail for sponsoring an awesome 333 tournament! Tom S. - Fishknocker Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting
  5. HeadHunter ZA (Zombie Apocalypse) Received our production order on these yest. - field tested well last season! Tom S. - Fishknocker http://www.gl-tackle.com/
  6. FishKnocker

    recent pics -

    recent pics - Recent pics from Lake MI, Racine, WI - Nice Steelhead on the HeadHunter Blue SuperGlow, Nice Brown trout on the HammerTime Zombie Perch pattern, and other pic sent in from Green River, WY, fishing big reservoirs - 34# Lake Trout (out there they are called Mackinaw's), hit on the UV DepthRaider - Thanks for sending the pics in!!! Good luck out there, hope everyone having a great Memorial Day weekend - Tom S. - Fishknocker http://gl-tackle.com/
  7. FishKnocker

    Dipsey Long Leads?

    interesting question & comments - thinking behind the longer leads and slide divers is to add more stealth, but what about the opposite, short leads behind the dipsey w/ spin doctors/flys seems to produce too, anyone had luck more so one way or the other? we've hand lined quite a few - always exciting
  8. FishKnocker

    Great Lakes Trolling Flies!

    Very Cool Andy! I forgot about that fly w/ the purple beads - we have some new stuff for 2017 coming your way, made up some custom spoons w/ your boat name "No Guarantees!"
  9. HeadHunter™ SuperGlow Spoons! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E51POrhTsQk HeadHunter SuperGlow Spoons!!!
  10. Downrigger Weights Poured some downrigger weights for our boat "Team Busch" 16oz cans ended up 10lbs ea., next time might try the 24oz monster cans? Tip from "How-to" article in Great Lakes Angler magazine -
  11. Great Lakes Trolling Flies! Great Lakes Trolling Flies! Big Trout & Salmon #BiteMe! Uber-excited about the new UV Hi-Visibility Fly Materials, from our friends at "PurpleTacoFlySupply.com"! Great Lakes Tackle & Outfitting (Anxious for spring too!)
  12. FishKnocker

    Non UV Spoons

    Hi JDH, one more thought, from your spoon pic w/ the ladderbacks, fluorescent,non UV, shows up very bright under blacklight - was wondering what this would look like down deep (what the salmon see?) Does anyone remember running fluorescent painted spoons before UV was available? sounds like a fun field testing challenge -
  13. FishKnocker

    Non UV Spoons

    Hi JDH - I thought maybe the gold & silver spoons reflected light more so than nickel plated spoons? Non-UV, but very flashy, maybe good to run during bright days? The pic is a std chartreuse Mister Twister tail under black light - really lights up, is this considered UV or fluorescent or are they the same? On same topic, notice many glow spoons seem to light up nice under blacklight too, so some UV properties here too? Thanks for starting this one, hoping for more to weigh in too! Fishknocker
  14. "Still getting clean kings!!! GL-Tackle red headhunter spoon and fireflies jellyfish still catching." "Team meals on reels getting on the kings while setting lines!!! Here is my sister with a nice king taken on a GL-Tackle zombie apocalypse." FireFlies Aint No Joke Productions Thanks again Nick! Awesome catch! Tom S. - FishKnocker - GL-Tackle.com (pike pic from Eagle Lake, Ontario - were field testing, this spoon outfished our daredevils & husky jerks 6:1 - Joey caught (10) pike or so)
  15. Nick put this one to video - pretty cool! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E51POrhTsQk