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went out in am started in 60 fow and got two right away one on a rigger small king on a spotted dick meat rig 32 down and a 175 copper on uv blue dolphin. had a few rips off 5 color on carmel dolphin i think 3 and lost all three. had nothing until about 11 and got 5 fish on 175, 200, 200, and 250 copper in about 100 fow. most fish taken were on a south troll about 2.4 speed at the ball. ended 7 for 12

PM trip we set lines around 6:00 and got a one right away on 175 copper on uv blue dolphion and nothing until about 9:30 then it turned on hard. caught 6 fish within 45 minutes right after another in about 100 fow trolling north. all on boards 5,7 color and 175 and 250 copper anything glow spoons. let me know any more info and i can go more into depth.

ended the day going 14/23



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currents was pretty strong on a south/southwest trolling direction and most of our hits were that direction. we started just north and trolled south. most of our fish were in the 98-102 range in the top 35 fow. anything below that was low 40 degrees. we marked some bait just south of pier in 95 fow but besst surface temp for us was 51.8 degrees but at the ball 47 was best

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