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  1. Landing a quad...nice work. That is not an easy task. Your crew wont soon forget that. We had a triple last night out of Grand Haven and only managed to land one.
  2. I have a 34' with twin 454s. If I run out 4 or 5 miles and fish for 6 hours it's between $80 and $100 with the price of marina fuel. Can fish with 6 comfortably though and I can leave the wife and kids sleeping in the cabin while I run out and set lines.
  3. I have 45 pound on both of those size convectors and they work great. If you want a 300 or longer go with the 55 so you can get on enough backer. I have my 250s on the 55s as well but you could probably get by with a 45.
  4. Hey Mike. Glad to hear you got out and had a little action. We will be out in the morning so feel free to give me a shout on the radio. Boats name is Boomed It.
  5. Thanks for the report. We hope to get out in the morning
  6. The port Sheldon buoy has temps in the 40s 60 feet down.
  7. Did you try in closer at all? We are heading out in the AM and the cold water at the buoy has me thinking we should try a little closer first.
  8. Had a great morning on the big lake going 12 for 17. Fished in the mud for the first hour getting nothing so we pulled lines and moved to out to 150 and started again. Headed west and had 7 fish by the time we hit 270. Turned back and took 5 more by the time we got back to 120. All our hits were in the top 60 feet. Took fish on riggers, divers, leads, and coppers. Anywhere from 20 to 60 down. The best baits were blue or purple meat rigs and spoons. No hits on plugs or flasher/flies. Spoons that worked were mag lemon ice, mag Carmel dolphin, mag greasy chicken wing or double orange crush. Biggest fish was 19.5 pounds. All kings except one steelhead and a couple cohos.
  9. We fished yesterday morning in 120 to 170 fow. We marked a ton of fish in the top 50 feet and several in the 60 to 100 feet range. We ran a good deal of meat, spinnies and flies, spoons and plugs. Had hits on all of them. We ended 4/8 with three big steel head and a 15 pound laker, no salmon. I think the big kings were there just not feeding. We had been doing quite well on meat rigs in the same water last weekend and late last week. I think if we would have been running a steel head program instead of a king program we would have taken a few more of them. If you are looking for salmon I would set up in 100fow and work out from there until you find them. If they don't cooperate put out a double orange crush on a three color and catch some steelhead. Good luck. I hope this helps.
  10. Set lines in 80 fow at 6:00am on a SW troll. Picked up a couple of kings right away. One on a three color with a blue veggie spoon and one on a high diver 100 back with a blue freakin veggie. Just set that high diver back and it goes again in less than a minute with another king. Went a little dead for a while after that. We put out a few meat rigs and picked up a 14 lb king on a 10 color with a big weenie white and purple meat rig(not sure of the name) and lost a nice one on that same set up in about 140 fow. Picked up a 12 lb steel head on a high diver 100 back with a blue dolphin in 110 fow straight out from GH. Lost a couple other steelhead later on. Fished until 10:30ish.
  11. Jeff we were out a couple of times last weekend and found the steelhead around 100fow. We picked up lake trout and a king in the same water so they were all together. Like Travis said throw out a couple of high lines and you will likely find some steel head as you are looking for the kings. Unless I am dialed in on some deeper fish I almost always have a couple of three colors out, one with a double orange crush and one with a mixed veggie spoon. They produce fish on most trips. I will be out this weekend as well and will let you know if I get anything going. I will be in a red and black 32' wellcraft. Boat name "Boomed It"
  12. Glad to see you found a new boat Jon. That's the same boat I have and I love it. I used to have my riggers in the same spot yours are but ended up moving them back to just in front of the rear cleats. I installed a set of 12" cannon tracks and built a couple of angle brackets so my riggers would clear the rail. This just made a little more space along the sides. Have fun with the new boat.
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