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South Haven 5-2 (WMFL)

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Thank you Terry for organizing the event. Thank you to Silver Streak for sponsoring. And a big thanks to my dad and his friend Laurence for reeling in a bunch of fish! We set lines in 40 fow and began trolling WSW. Made it to 50 fow and the rods started popping. Overall ended up 14 for 16. Picked up 8 lakers, 2 nice kings, 1 16" king, 1 coho & 2 shakers. Pretty much everything picked up fish. Best troll was WSW at 2.2 - 2.5 mph at the ball between 50 & 70 fow.

What worked best:

2 color with Mini Streak gold Jägerbomb - 2-2 nice king & shaker

Rigger at 40', 50' & 55' with white paddle & bw poofster fly - 3-3 lakers

100 copper with standard Flounder Pounder RV - 2-2 nice king & small king

Standard diver with mag ring back 75 ft on 2.5 with DW 10" SD Hammertime with a NFN meat rig - 1-2 laker and a missed bigger king.

Also lost a decent king while SLOWLY setting a 300 copper with a mag silver streak blue dolphin. I didn't set the hook good.

The lures - 11 different lures took hits.


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I didn't write everything down today. It was much of the same though. Ended up 16 for ? - 20 I think. 14 lakers and 2 nice kings.

Thank you Joe & Kelly for coming along! What an awesome day!

North & south trolls best between 50 & 60 fow. Divers and riggers and coppers were all just as good. Standard size divers on 2.5 back 75 to 125 ft with flasher flies and meat rigs. Riggers down 35 to 55 - one with spoons & the other with flasher flies. Best boards were coppers 100, 150 & 200 with standard sized spoons - key was gold colored.

2 kings came on the following spoons:


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