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  1. How far do you fisherman have to go to reach 200 feet of water? At St. Joe it is about 11 miles. Went 1 mile off Charlevoix and it was 319 feet deep.
  2. I would guess about 8 miles. 200 FOW is about 11 miles. Go out 300 degrees to get deep quickest.
  3. We caught 4 fish. 2 Lake Trout, 1 little King and 1 little Steelhead. Had all of our action between 75 and 82 FOW. All fish were caught on downriggers and > 40 feet down. No 2 fish on same lure. Caught 2 on different color Pro Kings. Great day to be on the lake.
  4. I'm going out of New Buffalo today. Think we will start in about 60 fow.
  5. Don't you lose some cannonballs dragging them on the bottom? I've always be scared to do this.
  6. I have a 17 ft Boston Whaler. You can see a picture of it on my profile. Notice it has 2 pole holders on the rails on each side and 8 total for the 4 downriggers.

  7. Enjoyed the video. They were fishing just North of Cook Nuclear Plant. Thanks!
  8. I've read of much success of guys fishing in 16 FOW and less. What type of setups do you guys use? My problem has been getting 6 lines out. Can only use 2 of my 4 downriggers. 2 flat lines can be a disaster for tangle ups so I usually run only 1. I also can run 2 walleye boards so I'm at 5. Dipsy Divers would be close to boat I think. Any suggestions?
  9. I've caught 18 fish this year and half have been Lakers. Used to be about 4-5 salmon per Laker.
  10. I too am looking for walker parts. Mine are like 1979 and am in need a new pulley and the bolt/nut attaching it.
  11. Anyone caught a big king yet? I've nothing bigger then about 6 lbs. Of my 18 fish this year, only 4 kings and all little. Used to love them 17# line burning spring Kings.
  12. Wish I could remember what I had for breakfast yet alone what lure I caught what. Really appreciate the info on depth, colors, lures and speed. Need to do a better job on documenting what I catch.
  13. Caught 4 Lake Trout in 40 FOW about 5 miles north of New Buffalo. Biggest one was about 7 lbs. Missed 2 of which 1 was pretty big.
  14. Log encounter was about 10:30 heading north just south of piers.
  15. Kinda slow yesterday. Only 1 coho and 1 Laker.
  16. Caught 1 nice coho and a Lake Trout. Coho was on a silver and blue stinger 15 feet down in 35 fow off the chalets. Not sure what my buddy caught Laker on. Didn't seem to be many fish being caught. Never went out past 46 feet. Maybe that was a mistake. Had a close call with a 20 ft log just south of the piers. Might have been kicked up from the dredging but was very hard to see. Glad I was standing at the console.
  17. For the 1st time in 12 days the lake looks like it will be finally fishable tomorrow. Will post how we do. Going to go out of St Joe and probably run down to the Chalets.
  18. I must be posting on the wrong forum as I rarely get any replies. Hard to believe with all the views, no one has anything to add. The forum I participate on ice fishing is great for sharing information (and I think lies).
  19. Have you tried Ajax with a brush? Or soft scrub?
  20. My buddy caught a small brown maybe about 2 and 1/2 lbs. Hadn't caught a brown in about 20 yrs. Never get out early enough to catch them. Will be great eating.
  21. I use 25# for dipsy divers, 17# for downriggers and have 8# on a light pole for surface lines.
  22. At the dock Monday morning, a guy who had 8 fish (5 more then me) said he caught a splake. I looked at it in the cooler and it looked alot like a Laker. It did seem to have a long nose. In 40 years of fishing off St. Joe never heard of a splake being caught. It looked to be about 28 inches.
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