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My new fishing ride

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KJ is quicker than I am. Gotta remember to never take him on the boat, he will beat you to the pole everytime!!

Lol, that sounds about right. I usually hand it off though, I like netting just as much. Besides, I always tell people that when I run the gear it's kind of like I caught them anyway.

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You should like your new rig. I bought a 2000 version of the same two seasons ago. For the most part I like it. 95 more payments and it will be all mine.

The list of things I don't like is short but kind of annoying:

-The fish boxes don't completely drain due to the lip on the outlet hose and the lack of gravity to the pump.

-The fish box hatches are both cracked and need to be replaced this spring. I weigh more than an average NFL lineman, but I've read others have the same issue.

-The material used on the rod rack and drink holder inserts are made of a material about as strong as Pringles potato chips. Mine are all cracked and some of the screw holes are stripped or broken. Another spring project to replace/fabricate new ones with Starboard/treated wood.

-The bow pulpit hits the winch post when launching at a ramp with a steeper angle.

-The fuse access panel is a pain and is mounted to the same Pringles type molding. Another spring project to fab something and mount a flat screen tv mount. I stayed on the boat last year for a month to be closer to work. I would not recommend spending too many work nights trying to sleep in a marina.

- I removed the wall between the head and the bunk so I could fit to access the fuse panel.

-The lack of shore power. I ran an extension cord with an adapter at the marina. May try to wire in on board chargers in the future.

The list of positives is too long to list. Truly enjoy fishing out it. Caught many fish the first year with it. Last year was terrible, due to the lack of fish in Lake Superior.

Good luck with your craft and hope you catch many fish with it.

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