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  1. I usually fish the big lake, but because of the purchase of property close to the Betsie River, I have decided to break in to river fishing in the fall and early spring. I bought a rod and reel from my favorite tackle shop, but don't know where to go from there even down to the fishing line. I was hoping I could get info on set ups and such. Mainly specific to the Betsie and the Platte. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. I have a good working 587c hd with a Lakemaster Michigan chart card. Comes with power cord, sun shield, and transducer. No bracket. Upgraded to a larger screen HDS Asking $175.
  3. I have 2 batteries wired up through a battery switch. I added a third battery and attached it to one of the existing batteries. The batteries are connected in a way that it doubles the capacity while staying at a 12 volt system. To much surprise there was no onboard battery charger on the boat when I bought it. I plan on adding a 3 bank charger, but with the battery set up as it is, would it be better to use a 2 bank charger instead? Thanks
  4. Clare, MI. west of Midland north of Mt Pleasant
  5. Sea sick that sounds like a good wife, Gnarf, I had one other person contact me before you. I will give him a chance to respond. Will let you know as soon as I can. Thank you
  6. I live in the Clare area. If you come and get them, how about 100 even. I also do make trips to Frankfort.
  7. Sent u a pm to go over meet details if you are interested
  8. Yes we still have the net. Baldwin looks to be about 56 miles from Clare, but we do make regular trips to Frankfort. If you are interested and we can coordinate our trips, we can meet in Cadillac or another location.
  9. I have 4 Walker chrome downriggers for sale. They have dual rod holders and stations on each. They work fine. asking $800 for all 4. I am in the Clare area. I do make trips up to Frankfort and occasionally to Augres.
  10. If anyone is need of a salmon net, I have an extra one in good shape. $25.00
  11. sorry 160 sounds a little high. How about $120 fi you are still interested. Have 2 left
  12. The new trailer is under the boat
  13. I have a set of 6 very good trailer tires with rims. Asking $500 OBO
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