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  1. I usually fish the big lake, but because of the purchase of property close to the Betsie River, I have decided to break in to river fishing in the fall and early spring. I bought a rod and reel from my favorite tackle shop, but don't know where to go from there even down to the fishing line. I was hoping I could get info on set ups and such. Mainly specific to the Betsie and the Platte. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. I have a good working 587c hd with a Lakemaster Michigan chart card. Comes with power cord, sun shield, and transducer. No bracket. Upgraded to a larger screen HDS Asking $175.
  3. I have 2 batteries wired up through a battery switch. I added a third battery and attached it to one of the existing batteries. The batteries are connected in a way that it doubles the capacity while staying at a 12 volt system. To much surprise there was no onboard battery charger on the boat when I bought it. I plan on adding a 3 bank charger, but with the battery set up as it is, would it be better to use a 2 bank charger instead? Thanks
  4. Clare, MI. west of Midland north of Mt Pleasant
  5. Sea sick that sounds like a good wife, Gnarf, I had one other person contact me before you. I will give him a chance to respond. Will let you know as soon as I can. Thank you
  6. I live in the Clare area. If you come and get them, how about 100 even. I also do make trips to Frankfort.
  7. Sent u a pm to go over meet details if you are interested
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