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Ty One On will be there weather permitting. I'll watch the buoy also and Jon I'm going to message you my number and if you have to cancel at 4:30 due to weather could you call or a text would be fine. We will be on the road at 3:30am (2hr drive) and i cant get GLF on my supposedly smart phone Thanks and lets hope the weather holds

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Rules state 1-3 forcast for sat. near shore is 2-4 offshore 5-7.

I'm calling it at this point.

Who wants to try making this up next weekend?

at this point I won't complain about the weather, we have been able to get all events in up to this point.

Terry - I'll be in touch with you soon.

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Great call would have been ugly. I can't make it next Saturday do to our anniversary and the wife says we ARE going to Mackinaw. If I ever want to fish or even just breath for a few more years I'm going north for the weekend "HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE" :thumb: Good Luck to all next weekend !!!

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