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  1. We are in for Saturday and probably Sunday if needed
  2. I lied, we are out now, too bad as the weather looks great
  3. I've heard of guys using them with hydraulic steering, really same thing as far as the drive is concerned. Only thing I would watch out for is activating the autopilot on a power assist boat without the motor running if it's really hard to turn the wheel without the assist
  4. Love mine, I didn't convert to hydraulic and don't regret it. Can run as slow as 1.1 without problem, any slower and it can't control in waves over 1'. At normal trolling speeds it's flawless and super easy to install and operate
  5. Yes the thinner profile stuff
  6. Anybody running the newer suffix lead? I need to re-spool all of my leadcore rods and it looks nice, supposed to sink 30% faster
  7. We are up for everything as we are in it to see friends and hopefully all the bragging rights. South haven could be fun. With the points per fish my vote is no laker points and 10 per for everything else, reason for that is we don't keep lakers as we have plenty of salmon to eat. Like shotgun start, like the 1 man limit, like the bump in entry fee, I'm also thinking about grilling hot dogs for the weigh in for a donation and give the money to the dreamweaver
  8. We are in Is the start time still 6 for this one? I know in years past they pushed it back an hour
  9. we are in as long as I can fix my carb's vacuum leak today, I'll respond if we are out.
  10. just used the $15 gift certificate from lurk that came in the captains pack. they have a bunch of tripz divers and deeper divers on clearance. pretty good deals and with 15 off got 4 divers for 10 bucks...not bad
  11. hard to judge how much "flex" you are talking about, are the end of the booms moving + - 1.5" or 5"? most mounts I've seen flex some, once loaded while trolling they don't usually move anymore than that first inch or so when you pull on them. with the risers there is more leverage put on the track and gunwale
  12. with a fathers day approval from the wife I'm picking up a bigfoot 9.9 kicker and realized I'm not sure if there are any special requirements for running the leads from the charging unit to my battery switch without some sort of isolation diode to prevent backfeeding from the main motor. anyone know if something like this is needed? I think it would be fine with never running both motors at the same time but not sure if both were charging the same bank at the same time if that will hurt one of them. as far as gas goes I'm planning on adding a new fule/water seperator and using the second supply from that to run the kicker. anything else I need to look at? motor comes with ez steer and panther tilt bracket already.
  13. I had a similar issue when mounting the drive, I just unbolted the bracket that holds it in place, lined up the drive, and turned it until I could bolt it back on. you'll love the sportpilot, mine has worked flawlessly so far. one thing I do is show the controller to all new people on the boat. it is very important to not turn the wheel by hand when the autopilot is engaged. it's a simple push of the standby button and the wheel is all yours.
  14. I think this is a chevy vs ford thing, but i run canon's, my uncle put mag 10's on his new boat in 89...all 4 are still there and 0 maintenance other than new cable 2 years ago.
  15. had my probe setup for the first time this past weekend. I noticed a bigger than expected difference in GPS vs. down speed. is this normal? I had a gps speed of 3.1 and down of 2.3-2.1 depending on trolling direction. I understand currents and did troll in all directions. in general what are you targeting for down speed?
  16. Great weather for the WMFL, wanted to target kings in the morning but after 2 hrs in the 160-185' range and no fish to show for it decided to pull rods and head west. found a pocket of 41* water in 255 and set up for steelhead. it was on from there, ended 9 for 13ish? what worked flat line brads thin fish orange with black squiggles flat line brads thin fish copper with orange squiggles 1 color lemon ice silver streak 3 color new ugly silver streak UV 1/2 orange 1 color orange crush silver streak 3 color lemonberry mag silver streak not a single hit on riggers or divers, 55* water inside break, low 40's outside.
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