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  1. I run a Gen 3 9 and Lake Michigan is on it. Not the best for contours but it works. Has my port (SoHa) and is pretty accurate in the river.
  2. You will probably find more boats are running channel 10 rather than 68 out of SH. Sent from my SM-G930V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. I would assume your using snubbers on all your divers but personally this time of year i am running 40lb leaders with flashers/flies 30lb with a spoon or plug. Divers take some violent hits most times and in my opinion i havnt noticed a decrease on hits using heavier leaders. Just a thought for you
  4. I think the main thing being missed here is this is NOT a tourny. This is set up to have a little FUN with some fellow fishermen. How many rules do you actually need to have a little fun ?? I feel bad for you Sparky it sounds like you had a decent box but i also believe Terry made the right call with ending the event. Everyone knows how ugly it got out there. No one can control what happens with the weather and you really couldnt ask 10 or so teams to sit around for 3 hours at the cleaning station to wait for a couple boats that had to wait out the storm in other ports, it sounds like it happened to more than just you. Maybe some other forms of communication could be discussed for the future like maybe exchange a few phone numbers but as of now most everyone just uses the radio. Everyone has to remember that we do this for FUN and for me anyway the more rules i see the less interested i will be. Lets try to keep this event what it was meant to be. Sparky im sure your discouraged but hope you change your mind and make it out for the next one.
  5. Ty One On is in. I'll be the one at weigh in that looks like they got ran over by a Chevy truck twice cuz i told the wife i wasnt fishing this weekend!!! Lol
  6. Ty One On is in not sure yet about Sunday if Saturday is a wash
  7. Ty One On is in Terry are you planning on doing the flasher for end of season big fish for those who want to do it ?
  8. :lol: Lets hope that's a failed attempt!!!
  9. Glad to hear you got it working as I have not made it to my boat yet. I spent MANY hours searching different forums when mine wouldn't work and don't remember now where I found the info I needed. I called Raymarine and Lowrance a couple different times and that was just a waste of breath once they heard I was hooking someone elses product to theirs. Now I just need to figure out how to get my Lowrance to talk to my VHF to make the DSC work. More pulling hair out to come I suppose
  10. I wish my boat was here to look but I had the same problem with the Elite 7Hdi (which runs the same nema wiring as the hds) to my Raymarine autopilot and believe I had to use the yellow and then just the common ground which is just the shielded wire. It also would not work with the actual receive wire which im sure was also blue. I should be over to the boat in the next few days I think and ill take a look or have someone else take a pic for me
  11. I'll put in a flasher for big fish. I think its a good idea if more boats want to do it.
  12. Looking forward to this but I do have one question. How big is the trophy? I'm going to look at my boat this weekend and need to know how much room to reserve on the dash for it. Someone had to start it right? :lol:
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