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Line changing?


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You guys do this every year?

I mean, I do, but do I have to?

Thoughts, Opinions, etc, etc, etc.

(Obviously I won't be changing wire)

I mean the mono's, superlines, what have you!


p.s. I tried to look to make sure this wasn't posted before and if it was, Sorry!


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I always check my line and strip off the bad stuff. If my spool is getting down there the line gets changed.

After running one season if the spool is still close to full, I reverse it. Check the first 20 feet or so, and cut off any bad stuff. Then just reel it on to an empty reel. Two seasons at the most and it gets changed.

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Charters and tournament fishermen are in a whole different world when it comes to this topic. We usually change our downrigger rods 4-6 times throughout the year. We buy huge spools of RipCord for the divers and just pull 10-15 feet off once in awhile. We change our lead core when it gets frayed or breaks off. Basically, we ALWAYS change our downrigger line and all diver, lead core, and copper leaders before every tournament. We are constantly retying and fixing something when we have breaks from fishing.

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Rigger rods get clipped until there is only about 700ft left on real (based on the line counter) if less then replaced. If it happens to last into the next season then so be it. (Most of the time it doesn't)

Dipsey rods 50lb Fins BBS has been on my reels for 3 years; and I am now replacing. Didn't have any break-offs on the superline during those 3 years.

Lead core haven't replaced the core yet been fishing them for 3 years now.

Leaders behind dipseys get checked for nicks after every fish, replaced as needed.

Leaders on leadcore get checked every time we let them out, replced or trimmed as needed.

I fish an average of 30 to 40 times a year.

To me the biggest thing to do as a recreational fisherman is to check the line as its going out if you feel a nick in the first 20ft or so cut it off and re-tie. We only loose about 2 to 3 fish a year because of true line breakoffs. Fish running across lines is another story...

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I run my riggers everytime I go our so I change those yearly and even twice a year depending if the line starts to look chalkey or frayed. Some riggs are specialty and only run at certain times so evaluate and go from there. Best thing ive found is dont leave your rods in the sun when not using them and store them inside even when it is fishing season. You guys that have boats in barns in the summer probobly have alot of heat build up during the day and then cools off at night, I have found this to speed up the deterioration factor. Found by always keeping them stored in my shop in the basement will have alot less brakes and better looking line overtime.:) Ps this is on all mono, leadcore and wire riggs.

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