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Fished in L. Mac and the channel an out in front of pier and out to 50fow for about TWELVE hours and got five kings, one shaker, and one 25" walleye. The fish hanging in the middle was caught by the guy on the right in the blue (out in L. Mich.), it bottomed out the DNR workers scale at 30lbs. at the cleaning station and she said it was off by about two pounds making it proly 28lbs. Going to have to take it to a commercial scale tomorrow cause nothing is open today and see what it actually weighs and hopefully he gets a master angler award. The kid caught the rest. :)

Two SMALL dipseys 27' back. Two Riggers 12'-15' down w/ plugs 20' and 32' ft. back. Orange/Yellow/Greens


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Mark- We brought it to Gold Coast after fishing that dey and they could not find their commercial / certified scale to weigh it. After that we called every grocery store and bait shop in the area we could think of and NOBODY will weigh a fish for Master Angler...

EXEPT BOGOSMOKEHOUSE in Caledonia.... once again that's BIGOSMOKEHOUSE.COM Caledonia, Michigan. Just got back from there and they were great, weighed his fish and the place smelled outstanding as we were doing it. Ended up being 27.45 lbs. more than two days later so he just made it and thank god cause this took a LOT of time and effort and driving around!

Also far as the fishing on Saturday we didn't think it was really too bad or crowded and everyone was very friendly and smiling and waving at each other and rooting each other on from what we saw. Even those pesky silly sail boaters were getting into it. It mighta got a little crowded right at first light and for a few hours after as everyone was starting to head out (compounded by the fact the fish were in flurry mode right at first light) but you gotta expect that and especially on a Saturday, and my radio doesn't work so maybe I missed some things. I duno, but we had a good time. :thumb:

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