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Fished between Saugatuck and Holland Friday night with my friend Bryan. We went 10 for 18ish with 8 kings, 1 coho, and 1 glutton of a Laker. It was a pretty wild last hour and I sort of lost track of the hits. We had 2 doubles and a triple on this trip. Started at 5:30 and fished until 9:30 in 120 to 140 fow. The first 5 hits (and about 10 total) came on a braid dipsey set at 2 180ft back with a large mtn dew spin doctor and big weenie fly.

The kings were just crushing the dipseys and the 200 copper when they hit, but the 2 fish that caused the most trouble were a coho and the fat laker. The coho hit a coyote slider at 75 and got wrapped around a board then when we were about to net him, got wrapped around the other rigger. While I was trying to undo the mess, that rigger just takes off with 2 lines still wrapped around it. After determining what line to cut, we landed another king after netting the coho.

While I was fighting about a 17lb king, Bryan sees the rigger rod lift a bit and goes to release it. He yanks on it 4 or 5 times and can't get it to release, I hand the rod to him and try and can't get it to go. So I raise the canon ball and the line never came up a bit, it was already released??? So now we are thinking what did we snag, a snapping turtle? a tire? Jimmy Hoffa? Nope it was a fat laker that somehow dropped anchor and wasn't going to budge and here we were just slamming away at his jaw trying to pull the line from a release that was already out. :eek: After about 10 minutes we finally got the slob to surface from the depths, barely hooked in the mouth.

What worked:

Dipsey at 180 mt dw spin dr took 4

Rigger down 90 with mag Flounder pounder took 2

Et down 70 took 1, slider with Coyote took 1 on same setup

Green ladderback moonshine on 200 copper took 2



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