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Holland 5/17-5/20. +Steelheaders report

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Fish 5-17 with Paulywood and Harperman on my boat. We were lucky enough to boat, i believe 18 total fish, but taking over 30 bites. Best water was 116 just inside the bait at 120. Best baits were happy meal and a green spinny/fly.

Thursday evening we fished Mark's boat(CasseyII). Jimbobber and here fishy fishy joined us. We went 9-21 all kings, including one brute. 95 fow was best. Fished seemed to be really scattered from top to bottom, as almost everything took bites from top to bottom.

Friday we ran south. We took 20 fish in 65-100. Again fish were really scattered. Everything from top to bottom took fish. Happymeal and uv blue dolphin were by far our best baits.

Saturday we fished the steelheaders tourney. We managed to pull out a first place finish. We weighed almost 56lbs with 5 fish. We caught a total of 13 after we lost our first 5!!! We ran down just south of saugatuk. 75fow with happymeals on riggers were great. Also we had bites on our high divers with spoons. I cant for the life remember the name of the spoon. Again 150 coppers with uv blue dolphin.

Hopefully Mark will see this and post a few pics!

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