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boat name?


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Well after my first year with my boat I guess I better name it! after watching whale wars there boat is the "sea shepherd" I thought I could use my last name and name it "Salmon Shepherd" add in a salmon graphic and a shepherds crook to round it out.... Good Idea or too much time on my hands?




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I've kept quiet on this one till jims post. and i do agree with him. I wouldn't want a name coming from an anti fishing group like they are. I wish they would stop promoting that show and giving them more money. It is like supporting PETA.

Chris that was a funny comment lol stingray for a boat name lol

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Heck I am all for People Eating Tasty Animals LOL The other group of morons not so much. I believe we all need to take a hand in stewardship of our resources but no way am I giving up Steak for Tofu and wheat germ. Everyone seems to forget that in nature everything is part of the food chain. Lots of people seem to want to live in a Disney world where all the little animals are friends who help each other out. The fact is it is eat or be eaten those are your options you can dine or be dinner. So you make your own choices I prefer to try and stay at the top of the food chain and have my own choice as to what I eat.

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