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Fishing the run

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What kind of changes do you make when you fish in close, vs out deep.

I have noticed alot of guys use Jplugs, but what about thundersticks, j-13, Ping A Tee's ect.

Go ahead and give it a try Dave. Once was enough for me. Fishing is about relaxing and having a good time and none of those is in store for you unless you can embrace the insanity:nhl_fight:

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TGA fish.. I am going to fish around Holland or Saugatuck during the week. Prolly midnight till 3 am in front of the pier heads. OUTSIDE of casting range of the pier.

I was just digging through the pier stuff to see what all I had that might work.

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I know I can catch fish from the piers Randy, however If people know of better ways then what I am doing I am going to use them.

I have very very limited time to fish now because of full time class and full time work. So each and every trip I have to make it worth it.

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Riggers and dipseys with Silver Hordes and JPlugs on long leads leave the cores and copper home for combat fishing. But early just on the outside edge of the dirty water can be very productive when the Kings are staging. There are already a few fish in the rivers, and a good rain will send them running up to the dams. Sad thing is that with 15 to 20' seas forecast for Friday and Saturday I am staying home. Just a note to guys fishing the Mud, that dark muddy water only goes down a few feet and then clears up once u get out past the main river flow. The muddy water is warmer and goes to the top the lower colder water is clearer. Get your stuff up off the bottom and try to run just below the mud and you can have some real battles in that muddy water. If u ever get a chance to fish the fall in St Joe watch the Silver King, he is the King of the mudline, and has been for over 40 years.

Mike (Supertramp) Chamberlin

Boat Name MC2.

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Dont necessarily have to fish the pier head to get fish in close. I use a spread of plugs and spoons and flasher flies. Usually on riggers with long leads or lead core rigs. Slide divers are a nice option in shallow as well.

If fishing the pier head, then riggers with short leads and slide divers. Can also run a 1# ball down the chute. Will get ya down quick.

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