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  1. Yes, both cohos. Really cool to see some big ones again. It's been a while. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. We fished the south side of the flats between PS and GH.
  3. We had lots of kings Thursday and Friday. 20 fish on Thursday and 14 on Friday mostly kings. Saturday 4 of our 12 were kings, Sunday 5 of our 12 were kings. A buddy of mine fished 4 hours this am and had 6 fish,5kings
  4. I would take Jeff up on his offer! Great guys on the Foundation. Dustin Fly Catcher fishing team.
  5. I'll be helping out at the outdoorsman booth Saturday and Sunday,I'll swing by and say hi.
  6. Had the same thing in Muskegon Sunday am. Landed the first fish 20lbs. Lost the next 8, ended 7 for a lot more than 7. Makes for a stressful tourney morning.
  7. The first issue sounds like a bad board we had the same issue. We finally had enough problems with them that we switched to Scotty.
  8. I remember talking to you on the radio probably 15 years ago,used to talk to you almost every time out. Used to go by "fishy fingers"
  9. I can't believe no one has mentioned smith yet. The polarchromic copper lenses are awesome. The Maui Jim's with the titanium frames are nice and light but they let in a lot of reflection off the water.
  10. I've had it happen a few times. Not sure how it happens???
  11. Any news from the meeting?
  12. Have you tried that fish hawk on any other coppers? Just wondering what depths you figured out?
  13. I agree with a lot of what has been already said on here but I figured I'd put my opinion out there. I didn't notice much if any improvement in participant numbers with the weigh 5 format. I personally like a catch 15 weigh 12. Luck plays too much of a role in a weigh 5 tourney. If I get beat in a tourney I want to know it was because someone figured out how to get numbers AND big fish, not just lucked into a couple big ones. Like I said, this is just my opinion, I would like to see at least a 10 fish tourney. Dustin Peck Team Flycatcher
  14. Thanks, but the auto stop works. We run plain stainless cable
  15. Just wondering if anyone has an idea why 2 out of three of our cannons would have issues with the auto up? One works fine one sometimes comes up 5ft or so then stops and the auto up on the chute doesn't work at all. All three work if you hold the switch and the auto stops work fine?????
  16. Uni knot. Makes a nice small knot.
  17. I'm not loosing gear. I was pointing out that if there's no give in the rod something somewhere will give! Even with a snubber.
  18. The Shimanos are great, the swivel tips are pricey. The Okuma rods arent bad but the rollers suck a buddy of mine replaced the tips on his blue diamonds with twillys and he says they work fine now. We switched to Diawas with swivel tips this year and they were great all year, and a lot cheaper than the Shimanos. P.S. You want a softer rod for wire. Fast rod plus no strech wire plus mag diver=a lot of lost fish and gear.
  19. Pretty steady all morning. But it did slow down a little about then.
  20. Fished Holland this morning. Ended at 11ish with 24 for somewhere around 35. Mostly kings 2-12lbs, a couple steelhead and lake trout. 120-160 was best. Paddles paddles and more paddles. Riggers at 90,100,120 wires at 200-300 and 350,400,500 coppers were best. Fun day! Dustin Team Flycatcher
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