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  1. went up to Port Austin with a friend for lunch today and decided to take lakeshore home to see what docks are in. Port Austin and Grindstone have NO docks in. Harbor Beach, both state marina and Offshore Marina have 1 dock in each. Port Sanilac has NO docks in and Lexington has 1 dock in. This was all as of Friday 3-16-12 between 12:30 and 4:30. Sure wish I had better news about Port Sanilac!! Hope this helps answer some questions.
  2. hfitch

    Cajun Coho

    damn.....even the picture looks good enough to eat!
  3. I heard that on the news tonight. I couldn't imagine treading water for that long. I'm a good swimmer and a good floater but I would just panick and sink!! That guy definetly had a guardian angel on his shoulder and it sure wasn't his time to go!
  4. according to channel 25, the pilot has been found and is in "good" condition at Harbor Beach Comm. Hospital.
  5. If anyone is going fishing out of Harrbor Beach in the morning, please be on alert for the wreckage of a single engine Cessna. It is believedd to have crashed off shore from Harbor Beach on it's way from New York to Wisconsin. Huron and Sanilac County Sheriffs Dept. are assisting the Coast Guard in the search this evening. Heard about it on Channel 25 out of Clio.
  6. good job!!! Kinda makes me wish we wouldn't have skipped Sanilac to go fishing over in Lapeer County on Long Lake!! Oh well, 3 very nice pike, so can't complain too much! Needed to catch something, was beginning to doubt myself as a fisherman lol. Can't slam 'em everytime!
  7. that is good news!! Bigger and fatter fish for sure! I think we need to move around a lot more and go searching. We'll find them eventually! We were out a lot more last year so we stayed on top of the fish better than we are this year, that's what our problem is. Damn work always gets in the way of fishing....
  8. Last year at this time, Port Sanilac was on fire for fish. We've been skunked the last 2 times out:confused: The hot spots from last year at this time are showing no fish!! I know things change but that's pretty drastic! Where have the fish gone? We've been fishing anywhere from 70 to 90 feet of water. Are we too shallow or too deep?? Getting a little bummed out.
  9. that's kinda what I figured but wanted a little more input. Thanks guys for the advice! Hopefully we can get my friends on some fish. They've never been big water fishing before. One big king and they're going to be hooked!!!
  10. if anyone has a Facebook account please look up "STOP Trophy Hunting NOW" and report this page to facebook! Take a look thru and see for yourself how they act. I'm back on there because they troll other sites and found me talking about trapping coon. One chick thinks I should be skinned alive over and over. I say bring it on, want my address?
  11. they are PHSYCOS on that site. Believe it or not, my privacy settings are really tight but they were still able to pull pics off my page some how. Pretty much guessing it was from Google. They also google you and get your past history. I had a friend slandered on there from something that happened 15 years ago!!! They need a hobby, like hunting or fishing or something lol : ) I believe they lack brain cells from the lack of protein in their diets.
  12. Been a long time since we've been up to Harbor Beach fishing and usually when we went before, we targeted walleye. Taking out some friends this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts for starting locations. This is these guy's first time out there fishing for trout/salmon and really don't want to get skunked if we can help it. Do you guys that fish up there recommend north or south of the harbor? I don't want exact GPS locations of your exact honey holes, just a little advice to get these guys some fish.
  13. lol ya, ANTI's threatening to put a bullet in my head. I'm good for about 300 yds, wonder how close they have to get?!?
  14. Last night I was singled out on a facebook page, STOP Trophy Hunting NOW, for a comment I made on a hunting website about the grey wolf. They posted pictures of me and my grandchildren, called me all sorts of wonderful names, defamed me and a few even meentioned putting a bullet in my head. I have since been banned and all of my self defense posts have been removed. But, everything that was posted on their page is still there. I am NOT the only one!! Beware of these guys!! The are rutheless, uneducated, twisted individuals. I'm asking that everyone that uses facebook, please go to this page and report it. Go ahead and read thru some of the things they have said about me and others who enjoy the great sport of hunting. It's one thing to attack me but leave the little kids out of it along with the death threats. Something needs to be done about these people before they act upon their threats! Thanks, I needed to vent!
  15. ends July 29th at 10 p.m. Sorry about that!
  16. Port Sanilac Bait and Sporting Goods is hosting the 1st annual "Perch of July Fishing Contest". It's open to all ages, off the wall or in a boat. It is an individual contest and each fisherman pays a cost of $20 per person. All contestantss must fish in Port Sanilac and or launch out of Port Sanilac. Contest starts July 1st at 5 a.m. and July 30th at 10 p.m. Registration papers can be picked up at Port Sanilac Bait & Sporting Goods and other businesses in Port Sanilac.
  17. Mike, wet your floor down with it when you leave and keep a spray bottle of it the boat with ya for when you need to refresh it. It's not a cure all, but it does help a lot.
  18. Wasn't me Turfwrench. We've got a broken leaf spring on the truck that hubby's fixing Saturday and we also have a shredded tire on the boat trailer that's getting fixed next week. Sounded like a pretty nice day to be out there, though. Wish it would have been me! Those bugs are a bugger, haha, on those calm flat days. One thing that works for us is spraying a 50/50 mix of bleach and water on the floor of the boat. Of course if you have no carpet. Keeps those little bitey flies away.
  19. the good old reliable downrigger with a magnum Silver Streaks. I'm not just choosing one color of spoon though. Nope, I won't do it!
  20. Went out of Lexington right straight out from the harbor. Fished from 12:30 to 2:30. Caught 2 nice coho both on a yellow tail magnum set on riggers 20 ft. down. Couldn't tell you the depth of water or anything because our fishfinder decided to act up today. I'm thinking around 40 ft.?? Beautiful day out there, though. A little haze but nothing like Port Sanilac when we went up there we decided to go back to Lexington.
  21. couldn't agree more. Why throw it in the water when it's as simple as putting it back in your boat to throw out later?
  22. slit the fishes throat and hang it over the side to bleed out for a little bit. A lot less lively, no bloody meat and the meat tastes better (I think anyways).
  23. No, we're not fishing it. We've never fished a tournament, yet. We were going to fish the Lex tournament last weekend but my mom made camping plans for us instead. Can2Can was a little too expensive for us right now. Hopefuly next year we can get into these things a little more. My husband's also a little gun shy on entering these things but I'm ready! We have to do some networking and get with other people who do these tournaments. I'd actually like to fish with someone else on their boat during these tournaments, pay our share, and learn a little. I think that would really help us to not be so worried about the small things.

  24. Hope your up and running before the Can2Can, that sucks!!!!! Pretty slow day up there, wow. Doesn't help if you can't get out on the water to set something up before the tournament
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