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  1. Yes, both cohos. Really cool to see some big ones again. It's been a while. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. We fished the south side of the flats between PS and GH.
  3. We had lots of kings Thursday and Friday. 20 fish on Thursday and 14 on Friday mostly kings. Saturday 4 of our 12 were kings, Sunday 5 of our 12 were kings. A buddy of mine fished 4 hours this am and had 6 fish,5kings
  4. I would take Jeff up on his offer! Great guys on the Foundation. Dustin Fly Catcher fishing team.
  5. I'll be helping out at the outdoorsman booth Saturday and Sunday,I'll swing by and say hi.
  6. Had the same thing in Muskegon Sunday am. Landed the first fish 20lbs. Lost the next 8, ended 7 for a lot more than 7. Makes for a stressful tourney morning.
  7. The first issue sounds like a bad board we had the same issue. We finally had enough problems with them that we switched to Scotty.
  8. I remember talking to you on the radio probably 15 years ago,used to talk to you almost every time out. Used to go by "fishy fingers"
  9. I can't believe no one has mentioned smith yet. The polarchromic copper lenses are awesome. The Maui Jim's with the titanium frames are nice and light but they let in a lot of reflection off the water.
  10. I've had it happen a few times. Not sure how it happens???
  11. Any news from the meeting?
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