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Port Sheldon April 29 Perch n Eye

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Went out solo tonight for my two favorites, since the "other" fish arent playin nice just yet. Perch n Walleyes. Launched at Port Sheldon at 3:30 and headed up to Grand Haven for the Perch. Coulda did alot better on the perch but I couldnt keep on em long enough without drifting past them even with my anchor and a 12lb. downrigger weigh threw on for extra support. Those that could stay in the spot were doing alot better than me. 60fow south of the G.H. pier for those.

Started trolling from the water plant south at about 5-6ish in and around the sand bars and nothing till I got up near the bubbler. 10pm I landed a nice walleye 24 inches. 3 color core on a Rogue.



Should make a nice dinner for me and the boy this Friday.:)

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Sorry to hear about your loss Matt. Plenty of more days left.

You guys can see i was doin a bit of recruitin to try an find someone to get to go out there with. I hate going alone but seeing all those boats out there on the web cam I just had to go.

Frank, I let out all of 5 foot out of 100 feet and was still getting blow away. I dont have the proper anchor. Gonna have to get a better bigger one. I was thinking while i was out there they should make a bungie type deal that goes onto the boat then you attach your anchor rope maybe 4-5 foot down to a s lock or something and have a little slack inbetween then when/if the wind stops or slows down it kinda sucks you right back into your original spot. Good idea/Bad idea? Anyone heard of anything made like this?

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