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Made it to our spot Friday night waiting to 12am to hit the water, it was more like 8am for me, but a few others hit it Late night with nothing to show. Started of drifting/jigging, landed a nice 21" right away. My buddy in the boat landed 2 more, and we decided to go have lunch and a few pops.:drinks: Took a nice nap and got the itch to finish out my limit. I am not much on the jigging, so I set up and trolled a firetiger hot n tot with 30' of line off my LC reel. Finished up my limit in no time (45 minutes). This opener was one of the best for the group of guys (15 of us). Some of us fished for our limits, others were a little more interested in the brews. In total we brought in 47 walleye:grin: There were a lot of other people near us fishing, and they were all nailing em too. Everything was good until that rain came. River was up big time this morning. The dock at Gordonville was underwater. Didn't wet a line this morning, but did talk with a few that did, and doesn't sound like we missed anything.

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Good job Jason.

Every report I got was awsome. From just below Sandford Dam to just south of the Z-bridge. Roughly 40 miles of river and guys on every section of river were hammering them on everything they threw. To bad the rivers went from just right flow rate to mega-flood stage in less then 12 hours last night. The Tittabawassee should be tough if not impossible to fish now with all this water, but the saginaw might still give up some fish with it's deeper waters. Also just got a call from a friend who knows some commercial fishermen and they are spending 3 to 5 hours longer cleaning their trap nets of all the walleyes right now. Looks like a great summer season coming.:grin:

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That's great to hear. I mentioned it yesterday to the guys, the bigger numbers of fish I think speak loudly on how good the bay is going to be. Can't wait to get into them off the boat. Now we'll wait and see what next years catch is.

I also mentioned the kind of weird spring we've had. I thought there was a chance that the numbers wouldn't be there, meaning that maybe they would have spawned an went on their way. But I think those cold temperatures that have been just hanging around set up for great fishing on the opener.

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