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  1. steve....i will take them....please send email to [email protected] with address and how much it costs to ship and i will send money order...thanks a bunch....Harry
  2. Hello...I am looking for 2 rod holders..would really like berts and berts trax. however would consider others. mostly for use with dipseys..Thankyou
  3. tray.....thanks so much for the idea never even thought of making my own duh,,,,,,,
  4. hello...have been looking for a transducer bracket for a ultra classic II fishfinder...any help greatly welcomed....thanks in advance..HARRY
  5. harry


    to all ....thanks for all the help.. I think im gonna try bleach water mix till end of season then rip up the carpet and put down vinyl.....you guys are great
  6. harry


    vinyl? didnt know that was an option..you have any details? where to get..price etc....any help greatly welcomed
  7. harry


    thanks....its a gls 195 super boat
  8. harry


    no i havent....hmmm will do though...ya never know
  9. harry


    hello all.... after recently buying a 1995 sea nymph ( which I absolutly love) and have been cleaning it up.. I am having trouble cleaning the carpet. It has a green moss growing. and will not clean up. I have gotten some of it but the majority is still there ...this can not be the only boat for this to happen in.. anybody have an idea how to get rid of it short of pulling up the carpet. thanks in advance for any help....Harry
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