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  1. I have had the same issue a couple of times. Check the anti siphon check valve in your fuel line. On my Sea Ray its in the fuel supply line near the top of the gas tank. The small spring operated ball check valve had crud trapped in it and would not allow enough gas to pass through. It would idle fine all day but wouldn't run at higher RPM. I removed the check valve and blew the crud out with an air hose, problem solved. The crud looked like bug parts, likely from using a 5 gal can that sat in the garage all winter.
  2. 4 for 6 this morning out of PS including a 18.5 lb laker and a 19lb king. All fish came on white SD or large paddles with Arctic Frost or Poofster flys. Both drs and dipsys took fish. Down riggers 115 to 135 down in 135 - 150 fow, dipsys at 225 to 250. Best direction was NW, 2.2 - 2.5 mph at the ball. No hits on spoons. fished from 0645 -1000. Waves and strong current made changing direction a challenge.
  3. Michigan Stinger has spoon charts with names and photos of their spoons on their website. Different spoon manufactures have similar names and variations of colors but it is a place to start. A few years ago I printed these on a color printer and threw them in my fishing log book for refrence.
  4. Thanks Ken You might be right about the coho. I have picked up several in the past few weeks on riggers but have yet to pick one up on the dipsy's.
  5. Went 5 for 9 in 90 - 110 FOW out of PS Monday evening. 1 laker on rigger 90' down on sister sledge spoon 1 Coho on rigger 85' down on perch MG spoon 2 nice 4 year old kings on riggers flounder pounders at 80 and 85 down 1 4 year old on a mountian dew spinny and green glow fly set at 160 on dipsy Lost a couple of fish off riggers including one that broke off after the fish made a wild run and got into my wire dipsy. 2 good hits on dipsys where the fish just made a short run and then were gone, haven't had that problem until last night. Sounds like a lot of fish were being taken in the same area based on radio reports.
  6. Chad We keep our boat in PS and fish a couple of times a week. Feel free to send me a PM and I would be happy to help you out as much as I can.
  7. Went 4 for 5 out of PS this evening. Fished from 40 to 110 fow. All fish came between 70 and 95 FOW 35 -45 down. Full core took 2 on Green splater back J plugs, one on Dipsy and MD with wild fern fly, one on rigger moon glo perch. Screwed up a solo net job at dark and knocked a 8lb salmon off a rigger moon glo Flounder Pounder that was set at 35'. I need netting lessons:( Thanks to Jim Bobber for the info on where to start.
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