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  1. I launch on a dead end road that requires 4 lo and waders, but that may not apply. DNR launch is open for now. Launch in downtown Saugatuck is open but challenging as you need to back way in, the docks are underwater, and the cement algae covered and slippery. Parking however is not a concern for a change.
  2. There's Lakers from 50-90' from Glenn down past South Haven. The usual spoons and flashers will work. For me yesterday it was standard dream weavers 30-40' down. I didn't mark anything which was odd. Trolled the beach back north to Saugatuck and just got beaten up by the chop. Solo in a 14' with no crew to ballast down the bow...
  3. They've been trying this up north by planting all the browns in a few ports at the expense of all others. It's been a spectacular failure. Contact I have in Frankfort which got four browns last year. I got three in one trip 91.7 miles from the nearest planting site to me which is not in Michigan. Was not sure how long browns needed to be held or for that matter where the brood stock originates.
  4. Some browns would fill in the near shore void left by steel. Up until they cut the plants down here, we'd get plenty of browns mixed in with the steel on every lake flip. Fished for four hours today. A half an hour to find the Lakers, a half an hour to limit on those, then two and a half hours trolling back to harbor on the beach not expecting anything and not catching anything. Only reason I wasted my time trying was I was five miles south of port looking head long into solid two footers with no crew to weigh down the bow, so there was no point in trying to plane out and take a beating.
  5. Lots of skipper steel around the beach last fall. Maybe they can help fill the void.
  6. Penn makes great stuff. Some of those reels are used around the great lakes. I run my half cores of lead on Penn 309's that are probably older than I am.
  7. Tiger blank is very good quality. I believe these were made by Wolverine Tackle (Silver Streak) many years ago and are no longer made. Solid rods. One of the charters I used to fish on ran them and they held up well.
  8. Honestly I don't think too many people worry about it. I know when we eat fish we tend to eat the smaller ones, of the shorter lived species so there's less accumulation. But I have a friend who processes and eats a lot of fish and he thinks nothing about putting some 10-20# lake trout in the smoker. I've caught a couple tagged large lake trout that were 15-20 years old, so if any fish out there is going to be full of mercury, it's those.
  9. If Buck is still there, just punch that tree scraping, stopping every 2 minutes to eat something, gassy glue factory drop out right in his horse face. Why they gave the guy that hates horses the horse even they don't like... (The rest of the family had a great experience. I figured anything with me and horses was going to suck, and it did, so expectations were met)
  10. Is that quick fish a good sign or a curse? Thanks for the report.
  11. Sheephead tournaments? Back in the American Tackle era I made enough off those one year I had to report it on my taxes.
  12. Pike love gold red lb Thin Fish. Got one in December in 40' at the bubbler - that was a head scratcher.
  13. You're killing me. I'm not even looking at the forecast and buoy any more. Given up until the lake unflips and I can troll 10' for trout slams, which is usually early November. In full out bird mode now - scouted for the youth hunt yesterday and saw 7 ducks, but 5 of them were chip shots...
  14. Welcome. Bass will be ruined for you the first time a king tries to pull you off the pier and into the lake. Don't overlook plugs, they don't cast as well as spoons but some days a big thunderstick or J-13 rapala slowly ground back to you, or even if there's no traffic and rocks walked slowly down the channel is the ticket.
  15. If it does flip, find a pier head and beat it up. We had 47 degree water in close in the first week of October many years ago and beat up on the browns and steel fishing the plume in Saugatuck for about a week. Even lost one nasty boot of a king that didn't run when it should have.
  16. Excellent report. When we've found them, there seems to be nothing of note to hold them where they are. The water's all the same, no scum line, no bait. But if you find one, cloverleaf the area as there's usually more. I've found them in October in 370' out of Holland and trolling the beach in 6'. Go figure.
  17. Still chasing. 50 degrees out front not a mark. Fished the channel and Mac. Lots of salad / line cleaning. Three catfish and about a dozen sheep. Only lost one fish and I'm pretty sure that was a good walleye. Forecast not promising.
  18. Look up the plants for 2018. I'm already going to be (cough cough) sick a lot in September of 2021. And probably a little bit next year as well. Heard of two and already got one jack personally in Holland - those should be last year's plants already coming home.
  19. I'd hit the piers if I looked over and saw a cat on a boat. Mine come running out of the woods as soon as they hear the trailer being backed into the barn. Top video, about 7-8 seconds in, middle board, starboard side?
  20. We got one last week trolling for walleye. Unfortunately it fought like a walleye. Then we got a 14# sheep that fought like a 20# king...
  21. Sick of chasing your reports last year as I'm usually the guy making reports and not following them, we hit Grand Haven last night. It was a little bumpy out front. Like "awh hell no" bumpy. Trolled the too warm river because we were there and got a white bass. Speaking of, in your video from in front of Saugatuck last year, don't you have a planer board out of formation? Not that I went back and found your reports to see when I needed to start harbor patrol.
  22. Some male kings will run after one year in the lake. Commonly called "jacks". Meat was probably light and it had a huge white gonad inside the rib cage?
  23. Great story. Great pictures too. One if the most impressive reel abuses I've seen was a paddle fly down 100' on a 50# braid rigger rod with the drag cranked down. Rod turned sideways in the holder and it went to 600+ on the counter before I could trip the wire diver and copper board on that side to get them to the surface, and turn on the fish. We were in a tournament and I was already spending the big fish pot. 9# coho.
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