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  1. Thanks for the report, hoping to ho in the morning.
  2. Pretty rough for my 16ft flatbottom boat, so i trolled inside the peir heads. One hit on a silver j-plug landed 20lb king. It must have been fun for the people watching, it was for me! Only saw one other fish caught.
  3. solo trip fished 6:30- 9:30 am. Started in 90ft, lots of marks 50 to 60 ft down, nothing hitting. Worked out too 125fow had 2 hits on a chrome sd with a howie fly 90ft down. One 12lb king 2nd one was a good rip until the knot failed. I don't have a depth raider but seemed like there was a lot of current. Both fish on south west troll
  4. Numberguy, Dipsey is braid was set on 3 Quarantineit, i don't have a depth raider so i can't answer that, 64° on the surface
  5. solo trip went 3/3. 190/ 225 fow Coho on 10 color stinger spoon 10lb king on dipsey 200 back on flounder pounder and a laker on the same rod. North west troll
  6. thanks for adding the trolling motor report, i am thinking of getting one like it
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