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  1. Okay thanks, I'm headed out tomorrow am and was trying to figure out if I run the big coppers or the high lead lines. Sounds like a 5 or 7 color might be worth running
  2. I was out this morning as well. Pretty empty out on the lake not to many boats out!
  3. Fished Holland both in the morning and evening. Marked tons of fish 50ft down but getting them to bite was not easy. Every fish I caught was a natural. Morning launched the boat at 530 pulled lines at 1130. Fished from 110-140. Found a pocket of cooler water in 120FOW and ran figure 8s through it. South troll was better 0/1 225Cu green glow J-Plug. Big rip at first light and then no one home 1/1 15lb King low diver 120 back. Yellow poka dotted bikini meat rig. 1/1 Moonshine UV flounder pounder free slider in a rigger down 110.12lb King. 1/2 Mt dew flasher green fly high diver back 150. 5lb lake trout and a swipe with no one home. Launched the boat at 445PM pulled lines at 1000PM. Fished the same spot with cooler water I found this am in 120FOW. South troll was best. Left the meat strips in the freezer at home so didn't get to run when fishing tht evening. 2/2 300Cu flounder pounder 15lb King, small shaker King who went in the cooler as he was hooked bad. 1/1 free slider on rigger down 100 12lb Laker. Blue spoon with glow tape and white spots.
  4. Thanks it was a good redemption after my skunk last weekend! Wesco gas stations your not high on my list! It's the middle of summer how can 2 different locations stations not have ice I don't understand. You need to look for a different ice supplier.
  5. Sorry for the late report it was a long day on Saturday and I forgot about posting till telling my buddy at work today about my trip. Got up at 0 dark 30 and took a drive up to Ludington. It was a bit bumpy in the 17ft lund late afternoon but worth the trip. Didn't end up getting back till 0230 on Sunday am after stopping at 3 gas stations to try and find ice.... Fished from 0545-2145. Went 9/12 with 7 fish over 20 and 1 King being 30.5lbs. Had to sit on the lid of my 120 quart cooler to get the lid to shut with the last fish. Set a new boat best with the 30.5 and a new personal best on a 25. It was a long day but worth the drive and the 16hrs on the water. Picked away at fish during the morning and early afternoon with one every couple of hours. Late afternoon we found a pocket of cold water up near the point that was holding fish and bait. We had this spot to ourself and pounded it hard all evening to great success. Hit a triple during the witching hour. The north troll was the best by far. Most guys didn't do very well lots of 1-4 fish catches at the cleaning station when we pulled in. What everyone really cares about: Rigger 110 down. 11" white paddle oceanic fly. 1/2 25lb King and another big King lost after 20 mins while trying to net and move gear around during the triple. I probably in hindsight should have let a high line ride and fought the rigger as the riggers don't have the resistance of a high line to keep tension on a big King. 400cu mother of pearl glow plug 4/5 30.5,25,24,12 lb King last one was a big king who busted my hot plug off. Also snagged a giant limb that was an hour to bring into the boat... My buddy thought he had on the new state record the way the fish ripped line. Thought it was going to spool my convector 55. 300cu moonshine bloody nose spoon (1/1 ), and green pearl glow plug (2/3) 3/4 22,21,15lb King 225cu Orange splatter back plug. 1/1 22lb King. 0/1 high driver back 200 closet thing I had a pearlish plug in the tackle box (I don't remember the exact color but I was digging deep in the tackle box for plugs). Big King that came unbuttoned.
  6. Now I'm happy if I can go around one time in the boat and everyone onboard gets to reel in a fish. Maybe someday again...
  7. Totally the truth the plants are not here to support a run. It's a transition fishery when they're here you better get out as they don't stick around.
  8. I've done well out of Holland a few times this year but unless we get some weather changes I'm headed to play bumper boats up north. I enjoy fishing not washing lures. I'm not old enough to have been around during the"glory" years. In my lifetime my home port of Holland has never been great fishing.
  9. The water is way to warm. I had 61 deg 100 get down. Hard to catch fish in that kind of temp.
  10. Fished this morning from 0500 till 1200. Worked 110-190 but nothing happening. Marked a good number from 120-145. Fished tonight from 600-1000. Worked 120-150. Nothing doing 0/0 a few marks but not like this am. Talking with guys at the launch this am and pm it was slow for everyone. I was definitely not the only 0/0....
  11. Did you mark lots of fish and if so are they scattered after the flip?
  12. It was rough out last night good for you for giving it a go!
  13. Sounds about like my trip Friday. It was tough sledding till the sun hit the water.
  14. I had that happen with 2 Lakers earlier this year. It's a fun net job for sure!
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