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  1. I'm willing to take any of my friends out but if your not willing to go early your not getting a second invitation. I've had it far to many times when it's only good the first hour. The guys that get out late don't even get gear set before the it's all over for the morning. The smiles and grins on faces when they land a big king is the picture I send when they complain about the early show times. Not to often it doesn't solve the problem!
  2. If you are going to spend the money to trailer your boat and drive out to go fishing get you butt out of bed early and make sure you are out for the best hour, the sunrise bite. An added bonus is you always get a good parking spot.
  3. Fished 0500-1030. 125-200FOW [email protected] the ball 0/1 3 color moonshine flounder pounder. Steelhead put on a show before I could catch up. 140FOW 0/1 300 Cu moonshine bloody nose. King ripped a bunch of line head shook as few times and spit it. 130 FOW 0/1 225 Cu mixed veggies flasher white fly. Not sure what this was but was not big whatever it was 1/1 high diver on 3 155 back purple flasher and green fly. 7lb steelhead
  4. Fished Holland from 430-1000PM 120-150ft water. 2.3 mph @ the ball 1/1 wire diver on 2 120 back. Yellow bikini meat rig and matching pro king flasher. 18lb king 135ft 1/1slider on downriver @100. Green and purple spoon 130ft. 5lb Laker
  5. Looks like going deep paid off for you tonight. I started in 160 went to 190 then into 120. When I hit about 140 I started marking a good amount of fish the most I have seen all year. I wish I would have spent more then the last hr between 130-150. 0/1 solid King 300cu moonshine bloody nose. 140ft
  6. Fished 530-1130. Worked 220 out to 260 then back into 230. 2.3mph at the ball 400 cu 7lb coho mixed veggie
  7. Fished from 0530-1300. Plain and simple it was slow. Didn't mark anything besides a few Lakers on the bottom. Tried from 20-120 and threw the kitchen sink at em. Water is cold still. No one did well based on radio chatter and discussions at the launch. 0/1 diver on 3 60 back in 50ft flasher fly. 10ish lb lake trout lost at the back on the boat.
  8. Fished St. Joe 630-1330. Dropped in the mud, it was busy for a Friday morning with the tournament. Hit a coho in the mud. Headed SW out of the mud out to 90 then NW back to the pier. Hit 3 other fish on the NE troll. Did not see many nets hit the water, not mark hardly any fish. 1/1 40 Back on a Mono Highline Gold Thin-Fin Coho in the Mud 1/1 225 CU Bloody Nose DR 60ft water 5lb King 60ft water 1/1 Downrigger 30 down Carbon-14 80ft water 8lb Lake Trout 1/1 5 Color Mixed Veggie 70ft Water 9lb Lake Trout
  9. Fished Holland from 430-930. Dropped in 80ft worked NW out to 120 didn't mark anything or even take a bump. Turned NE to head back in to 50 ft. Hit all 3 fish in 50 ft of water on N Troll . Marked some fish in 45-55ft of water all on the bottom. 2/2 225 CU Mixed Veggie 8llb Lake Trout, 6lb Lake Trout 1/ 1 DR Kevins Girlfriend w/ Spin & Glow, 5lb Lake Trout 0/1 Diver 70 back Flasher Fly
  10. Fished Holland 530-1100PM 1/1 15lb Laker 300 copper Red and green spoon 105ft 1/112 lb Laker green Spin n glow bouncing bottom 100ft 1/1 12lb King SWR downrigger set @40 green and blue spoon 80ft water 2.2 speed at the ball. Fished from tunnel park to the pier head
  11. Fished 530-1100 1/3 1 12lb King 300 copper 135ft water on red and green spoon 0/1 King 6 color 140ft 135ft on blue dolphin 0/1 8 color 135ft water on green jeans 2.2-2.5 mph at the ball. Fished north of the pier. Didn't mark any bait but did mark a decent number of fish. Lots of guys fishing the Holland offshore but most didn't stay around to long.
  12. Thanks for the info. You had the entire water column covered. It definitely gives some hope for the next month in Western Michigan.
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